Who doesn’t do mistakes?

Who is ever perfect?

We all have done sometimes

Unforgivable deeds but yet

Someone has forgiven us, didn’t they?


Sometimes people hurt us

In a way that feels like

A knife stabbed into our heart

We feel breathless and crushed

And yet we are still alive


We spend days crying in isolation

We seek support from the closest ones

We try to build ourselves up from bottom

Hoping we will be able to stand tall

Just one more time


And the wisest thing we can ever do

For ourselves and for the people

Who surrounds us

Will be having a heart of gold

A heart that forgives and forgets


Forgive to release ourselves

From the chain of pain and sorrow

Forget to start a new life

Full of happiness and joy

For no one is ever free from doing mistakes


Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam



Source of image : myjewishlearning


If you can see something that you don’t have

That is not in your possession now

You truly believe that you will get it

Then you are seeing a vision

Vision is important to move forward in life

We all might have different vision in life

What is your vision?

What makes you wake up in the morning?

It is an ability to feel and create from energy

Only you know whether you can make it or break it

It is a consistent thoughts with feeling and visualization

Feeling as though you have already achieved it now

If you want to be successful in your career

See yourself as being successful in your vision

If you want happy married life

See yourself happy with spouse and kids

If you want to be rich and weathy

See yourself as being wealthy and rich

If you want to be traveling the world

See yourself travelling around the globe

If you are unable to see it in your vision

That means you don’t believe you will get it

No matter how long you try

You will not be able to achieve it

To achieve your vision

Hard work and persistence is key

Sometimes you have to sacrifice

And endure pain to achieve what you want

Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam


Writing Services Available

While I was eating fried mee hoon this morning for my morning tea break, suddenly an idea exploded in my head. Why not offer writing services in my blog?

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you would have known by now my style of writing and whether my writing is good or bad and whether my grammar is good, average or bad. I am definitely trying to improve myself everyday and will improve by continuously writing.

So here are the types of services that I would like to offer to my potential clients:

1. Proofreading (English & Malay)

2. Translation (english to malay and vice versa)

3. Resume writing

4. Writing articles (any topic that I’m comfortable with)

5. Thesis writing

6. Official letters (e.g cover letter, job application letter, resignation letter)

7. Short story/poem

8. Anything else related to writing

How much do I charge?

It depends on the difficulty level. The rate can be as cheap as RM10 per task. If you are interested, please send me a message. If you don’t hear from me in 48 hours, please send follow up message as I could overlook your email. Thank you. 😊

Signs Of Interest

Sometimes we keep searching

For some clue

Whether or not

Someone likes us


Google becomes our best friend

Trying to understand human behaviour

Does he like me?

Why did he do that?


We get excited

When most of it shows

That our crush likes us

Otherwise our glance wouldn’t meet?


A man can show all the signs

That how great he is

That how gentle he is

But he might be putting up a show


A man can do all the right thing

Say all the right thing

Only until he gets what he wants

Only until he gets some benefits


Try refuse a little

Suddenly he is found nowhere

That is a sign

How much of a fool you have been


A man can bring you to his parents

A man can spend thousands on you

A man can find time despite busy schedule

But this doesn’t guarantee anything


Don’t be deceived

Be clever and think

But sometimes our own experience

Is the best teacher of all


Sometimes we can’t avoid

Being fooled

We have to learn the hard way

A sign of interest may be a trick


Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam



It is easy to blame

Everyone and everything

Sometimes even God

For things we couldn’t get


We couldn’t get that ice cream

We blamed our parents

We couldn’t achieve good marks

We blamed our teachers


We couldn’t get that promotion

We blamed our boss

Our friend get promoted first

We talked bad behind them


We missed that plane

We blamed the traffic

We arrived late to the interview

We blamed the train


The weather getting hotter

We blamed the sun

No water supply for days

We blamed the rain


We cannot get our dream education

We blamed the government

We cannot get a loan

We blamed the bank


We keep blaming

For one thing or another

We blamed everyone and everything

Except our own self


Are we not responsible for our own life

Are we not supposed to work to improve our life

We blamed others and circumstances for years

But did anything change to improve our life


Swallow the hard pill

We are responsible for our life

Don’t depend on external circumstances

To give what we want


Take ownership of our life

Good or bad, we have to stand for ourselves

If things gone wrong, find a way to fix it

Don’t just sit in a corner and keep blaming


Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam