New year is coming…what have I learnt & what am I going to do to improve myself?

We have just a few more days before we hit another year. Within a blink of an eye, one year has passed. When we look back, what can we see?

For me :

1. I can see some improvement in the way I close a sales deal.

2. A break up taught me to be more patient.

3. Everyone has weaknesses. Accept them. Embrace them.

4. Only change myself. Not others.

5. I can be loyal and honest. Whether another person choose to be loyal and honest or not is completely out of my control. Let them be who they suppose to be.

6. Wound will heal. Heartbreak will heal. One day I realized the pain is no longer there.

7. Help people genuinely. I feel happy when I help people. And help comes when I need them out of somewhere like magic.

8. Jealousy not good. Kill them immediately. Be genuinely happy for other people’s success. My time will come. My fortune is different than others.

9. Life is much more peaceful when I stopped comparing. Not married, it’s ok. Stuck at one place forever, it’s ok. Not rich yet, it’s ok.

10. Follow people who inspire me. I learn from their way of thinking. I get new ideas.

11. Who I surround with will determine how far I will go in life. Leaders talk about ideas and improvement. The rest talk about other people and their weaknesses.

12. A friend might look like helping me but actually they are not. Maybe they have good intention but things can end up bad for me. Sometimes I can only learn after doing a mistake.

13. Until I have proof, I cannot accuse anyone. I’m not God to know the actual truth. I might be committing a grave mistake.

14. Trust people until they prove to me that they can’t be trusted.

15. Bad times will pass. Good times will pass too. Be prepared and face whatever comes.

16. Nobody can live alone in this world. I need a partner to share good and bad things in life. Especially when I’m sick.

17. People do mistakes. Give them chance.

18. Once a friend is married, their new friend is their family and children. Find a new friend.

19. Best time spent is with family and cousins. Talking old story. Even if it is the same old story.

20. Smiling is contagious. It makes me feel good. It makes the other person to feel good too.

For the coming new year, I have already started to work on some new project and planning on how to actually accomplish them.

1. Started to prepare template for my work and also personal stuff to manage myself better.

2. I am reminding myself almost everyday to keep calm and handle things better. If needed, just laugh it out.

3. Writing goals everyday.

4. More meditation and writing journals.

5. Actually working on a business idea. Something that I know I will do very well.

6. Pray more. Spend time in temple, spiritual places and nature more.

7. Start a charity work. Do for free.

8. Learn more on passive income.

9. Exercise. I really need to! 😐

10. Complete some of my wishlist.

How about you? What have you learned? How do you think you can improve your life? Share your thoughts on comment below. 😊

When people tell me I should be positive…

Do people tell you this? Well, sometimes people around me tell me this. And I get irritated when I hear that. The reason for this is sometimes I don’t even know why I’m getting irritated or angry or sad. I tend to mumble to release the stress I am facing or simply lash out on someone closest to me. I try to think what could be the reason for this. Overwhelming work which has to be done in short span of time. Not getting response on time. Repetition. Laziness. Phone addiction. Not knowing if I’m making the right decision or bad decision. Fear of the unknown. Lack of trust. And the list can go on.

I do believe in positive thinking. I do try to think positive. Sometimes I share positive stuff so that it can also help other people. But is it possible to be positive all the time? It is not possible. There are times I just feel like screaming at someone and release all the emotions building in my heart. Like now, I decided to write it out in order to divert my mind from thinking too much.

I think it is okay to cry if you are not feeling okay. It is okay if you share your feelings to someone closest to you whom you trust. Whether you are a man or woman, we all need to share our burdens to someone. It is okay to show to people that you are not happy. It is okay to have some alone time. It is okay to feeling down. It is okay to feel heavy.

Being negative all the time is a definitely NO-NO! All the time crying, depressed, talking negative about everything and everyone. If this is the case, then you definitely need to counsel professional to get help. There are news where people who looked happy and seems to have everything in life ended up committing suicide for whatever reason they have. Depression is real. It is affecting more people than it is shown statistically.

Find a way to help yourself. For myself, writing is healing. Gardening is healing. Listening to music is healing. Going to nature is healing. Avoiding social media and mobile phone is healing. Meditation is healing. Exercising is healing. Heart to heart conversation with a closest friend is healing. Wrong way to help yourself is by getting addicted to drugs, smoking, sleeping around with multiple partners, gambling and any other activity that could cause you a fortune.

Being negative is just a reminder that it is time to work myself internally and go within. To find the root cause what is it making me unhappy.

Libra and emotions

I don’t know if there is anyone in this world who are constantly happy all the time. I try to be happy and be present in the moment but hey, it is not that easy. I think best to describe emotions in a graph. Let’s take 30 days in a month. There will be 5 days I’m truly grateful & happy, another 20 days in a state of confusion and another 5 days in sadness. Sometimes I don’t even know what is making me sad and why am I sad. Today I make a decision and tomorrow I question myself if I actually did make a right decision. I don’t know if I’m like this because my horoscope is Libra.

Libra is symbolized with scales. Constantly weighing the pros and cons. Constantly thinking. Making a decision is tough for me. I take such a long time to make a decision about things that I’m unsure about. For example, I wanted to continue my studies. Initially I thought I should take MBA. After that, it went to psychology, corporate communication, journalism, etc. The same goes to marriage. There are days I’m super glad I’m not married. There are days I wish I’m married. There are days that I don’t know what exactly I want anymore. And I realized one thing, no matter what I choose and do, there will be both emotions, happiness and sadness.

My aim is to ensure that I do not stay in sadness for long time. I have to keep working and focus on the things that makes me happy. For example, this blog. I wanted to start writing as a way to express myself. Being an introvert, sometimes I don’t really like crowds and chit chat unnecessary things. I can talk for hours but on topics that I’m interested in. Since I can only vibe with few people, best option for me is writing. Since I think a lot, I can put my thoughts into words. Hope some of my writing resonate with you, my beloved friends.

Self respect

If there is any one person

In this world

Who should give me respect

It is none other than myself

When I give myself the respect

I will think twice to do anything

That will put me down

That will embarrass me

When I give myself the respect

I will look high on me

I will have high expectation on me

I will want to do the best for me

When I give myself the respect

I don’t allow anyone to disrespect me

I don’t allow anyone to misuse me

I don’t allow anyone to step on me

If I ever disrespect myself

I should stop it right there

Remember nobody will respect me

If I disrespect myself

Sometimes in my life

I may make mistakes

I am only human

I can’t escape from mistakes

Never go down too much for others

Once, twice, thrice

If I still don’t get the respect

Quietly I leave

Ten years down the road

When I recall the past

I will be glad that

I never lose my self respect

Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam



If there is one thing in the world

That works like magic

That will be prayers

A prayer that is sincere and selfless


We can change our circumstances

We get protection from the divine

Like a ray of light above our head

Encloses us from anything evil


Prayers make us feel better

We feel as if a burden has been lifted

We surrender our problems to God

Believe that God will solve all


Sometimes a sudden help arrives

Someone comes to our rescue

We get saved from disaster

We receive what we are praying for


Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam