Who doesn’t do mistakes?

Who is ever perfect?

We all have done sometimes

Unforgivable deeds but yet

Someone has forgiven us, didn’t they?


Sometimes people hurt us

In a way that feels like

A knife stabbed into our heart

We feel breathless and crushed

And yet we are still alive


We spend days crying in isolation

We seek support from the closest ones

We try to build ourselves up from bottom

Hoping we will be able to stand tall

Just one more time


And the wisest thing we can ever do

For ourselves and for the people

Who surrounds us

Will be having a heart of gold

A heart that forgives and forgets


Forgive to release ourselves

From the chain of pain and sorrow

Forget to start a new life

Full of happiness and joy

For no one is ever free from doing mistakes


Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam



Source of image : myjewishlearning


You cannot live alone

You must stay with a man

The society will look badly at you

If you don’t have a man

You need a companion

To help you during bad times

To avoid being lonely

You must find a man

Quarrelling and fighting

Is part and parcel of life

Today you fight

Tomorrow you will be fine

But is this true

Will I get help during bad times

Will I not feel lonely

If I have a man

I want to break free

From the cages I’m in

I want to fly high

Spread my wings

I want to do what I want to do

I want no objection

I want peaceful life

I want to stand on my own feet

I want to save myself

I want to be my own companion

I want to crown myself

I want to love myself

I want to make myself a priority

I want to be a queen of my life

I don’t want to be a slave

I want to be independent

Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam


He is not the one

You keep asking questions

You are not sure

You feel doubts

He is not the one

He plays hide and seek

You keep wondering

What are his intentions

He is not the one

You feel not safe

You feel not loved

You feel abandoned

He is not the one

You keep waiting

You want him to change

You don’t like his behaviour

He is not the one

He fails to keep promises

He is always late

He goes missing

He is not the one

He uses your money

He uses your belonging

It is you who is helping him

He is not the one

He is not there

When you need help

You think he is busy

He is not the one

You think he is cheating

He has someone else

You never touch his phone

He is not the one

He says one thing

He does something else

Words and actions contradict

He is not the one

You want to leave him

You think he is not right for you

You go crazy because of him

He is not the one

You keep wondering

Maybe he is shy

Maybe time is not right

He is not the one

He never assures you

He never show up

He leaves you guessing

He is not the one

You read his body language

You think he is into you

But he never approach you

He is not the one

He only message you

When he needs you

The rest of the time missing

He is not the one

It is you who messages him

He always reply late

Says he is busy with work

He is not the one

He asks you money

He touches you for pleasure

He goes mad if you don’t give

He is not the one

A man who doesn’t respect you

A man who cheats

A man who never have time for you

He is not the one

Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam



I can’t help but revisit

I can’t stop but remember

I can’t sleep but rewind

All the memories in my mind

It was a sweet memory

It was a bitter moment

It was terrifying

It was like a dream

The mind loves memory

Aching to go back

How I wish

I can go back to the past

A little smile appears

Sometimes a little tears

The heart feels heavy

Wonder why it happens

Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam



Sometimes you don’t know where you are going

It feels like time is moving slowly

Second by second, beat by beat

Mind seems to be lost in the puddle


You close your eyes to relax

Uneasy feeling in your chest

Scary to go down on the road

Not knowing what might appear


You start to think of your loved ones

How much you actually love them

How can you leave them

You are not ready


You keep trying to find the way

It must be somewhere here

You are reaching your destination soon

Keep going to the end to find it


Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam