Gratitude for 2021

The year 2021 was the year I truly realized that I am my own happiness. I am complete and happy on my own. I decided I will give me everything that I will ever need. I took back my power from people around me. I decided that I will make my own decision and face the consequence of my own action. I will be responsible for the choice I made. I learnt to trust myself when making decision. I learnt to trust my intuition more than anything.

Gratitude Chain / Week 2

Everything that is happening around me preparing me for something greater. I am ready to face any challenges that comes. I solve problems easily. Things become better. I surround myself with people who brings out my best. Life is great. Thank you. I’m grateful for this amazing life. I attract great things to my life….

Gratitude Chain / Week 1

I am grateful for this amazing life. I am breathing. I have a place to stay and meals to eat. I am blessed to do a job that I love the most. Everything comes easy to me. Thank you Universe! I am grateful for this peaceful life. Life is amazing. With caring family and amazing…