Who doesn’t do mistakes?

Who is ever perfect?

We all have done sometimes

Unforgivable deeds but yet

Someone has forgiven us, didn’t they?


Sometimes people hurt us

In a way that feels like

A knife stabbed into our heart

We feel breathless and crushed

And yet we are still alive


We spend days crying in isolation

We seek support from the closest ones

We try to build ourselves up from bottom

Hoping we will be able to stand tall

Just one more time


And the wisest thing we can ever do

For ourselves and for the people

Who surrounds us

Will be having a heart of gold

A heart that forgives and forgets


Forgive to release ourselves

From the chain of pain and sorrow

Forget to start a new life

Full of happiness and joy

For no one is ever free from doing mistakes


Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam



Source of image : myjewishlearning

Letting go

When you love something, you would want it to be with you. It can be things, people, position, pet, power, etc. As much it feels good to have something we love, that much it hurts when we no longer have it. It hurts when we lose it.

Sometimes we can do something to keep it. Maybe we try to fight over it, manipulate, beg, create rumors, or do whatever it takes to keep it. But sometimes no matter what we do, we cannot keep the things that we love. Yes, it hurts so much! Going through the pain of losing is like hell.

But how long can we hold on it? The time will come when we have to let it go. It hurts to let go but it hurts more if we keep holding on it. For the sake of our own well being, we have to learn to let go. But how to let go?

I believe the time is the best healer. Give time some time to heal us. Try to change the place we are staying or working. Sometimes new environment can help to heal us. Occupy our time fully by being busy. People say an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. We tend to think a lot about the things that we love. Since we are trying to forget it, we have to keep our attention on some other things.