Not meant to be

Certain things in life

Do not happen the way we want

We can only plan

As much as we want

But the outcome is never ours


We can dream so much

Sometimes it feels so real

We can believe it is ours

But before we realize

It is long gone dissappeared


Destiny can only look

With a smile on the face

From up high above

My dear loving child

It was never yours


No matter how hard

You try to fight

You can never win

Against what is not given

Because it is never meant to be


Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam


Dream Big

I am a dreamer

I dream for good life

I dream for good food

I dream for good family

I dream for good health


I am a dreamer

I dream to live rich

I dream to travel the world

I dream to live in mansion

I dream to drive Benz


I am a dreamer

I dream to be successful

I dream to bring positivity

I dream to be featured

I dream to be known


Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam