Who doesn’t do mistakes?

Who is ever perfect?

We all have done sometimes

Unforgivable deeds but yet

Someone has forgiven us, didn’t they?


Sometimes people hurt us

In a way that feels like

A knife stabbed into our heart

We feel breathless and crushed

And yet we are still alive


We spend days crying in isolation

We seek support from the closest ones

We try to build ourselves up from bottom

Hoping we will be able to stand tall

Just one more time


And the wisest thing we can ever do

For ourselves and for the people

Who surrounds us

Will be having a heart of gold

A heart that forgives and forgets


Forgive to release ourselves

From the chain of pain and sorrow

Forget to start a new life

Full of happiness and joy

For no one is ever free from doing mistakes


Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam



Source of image : myjewishlearning

Hold It

Sometimes we simply rush in

Assuming things that never happened

Making quick decisions

When emotions run amok

Learn to hold it

Give time some time

Give people some time

For the truth to be revealed

When angry, best to keep quiet

When irritated, go far away

Shift focus into something else

Remember the good times

Learn to be patient

Hold words before speaking

Give a break to our thoughts

Hey, it might not be what you think it is!

Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam



Source of Image : iStock

Why self defense are not taught compulsory in school?

Everyday there are reports on robbery, rape, killing, etc. What happens to these strangers can also happen to us. We are not guarded 24 hours by personal guard. We are not celebrity or politicians. We are just common people who go out to work in the morning and come back home in the evening. There are millions of people living here in Malaysia alone. Do we even have at least 1 million police to cover all the crimes that happen everyday?

There are areas that are classified as “Red Area”. Which means if you go to this place, there are high chances that you will get killed or robbed. Why crimes keep happening at the same place? Why police are not patrolling in that area? Is it because they are being paid bribes so that they don’t do their work? Just like in movies. Maybe there are just so many such cases that police are not able to cope up. The cases outnumber the police. Is that the case?

We are being taught religion at school. We are being taught science at school. We are being taught moral studies at school. Is that enough to fight rape? Is the law not strict enough to fight these monsters? If it is not strict, then why aren’t we approving stricter law to fight them? The perpetrator are not afraid of the existing law.

I remember when I was a kid, there was a self defense class taught in school. My brother was sent to this class but myself and my sister were not sent. I don’t blame my parents because they are not rich to be able to pay the fees. Looking at the number of crimes happening everyday makes me wonder, “Why self defense not taught in school as a compulsory subject?”

Imagine all the kids are taught self defence in school. They are taught when to use and why they use self defense. Will bully happen among kids and students? They will know how to defend themselves. At the same time, good manners are taught to kids from young age. If they are being attacked, they will know how to protect themselves. The police will have lesser cases relating to robbery, rape and killing.

You might be wondering why am I writing on this. I have been thinking a lot about this. Especially now I’m teaching spiritual values in Tamil school, I realized some kids are troublemaker. They like to vandalize things, hit their friends and make noise for fun. It is really difficult to control them. When it is difficult to control them now, do you think it will be easy to control them when they are adult? It will be impossible. The right age to start educating is when they are still kids. Another issue cropping up now is parents don’t want their kids to be punished and blaming the teachers for little punishment (I will write this separately).

I know nothing is gonna change by just writing this. I just want to let out my frustration. I am not a politician or someone with influence to be able to do something to change this system. I am just a normal human being who wished things can be improved in a better way so that we can live in a more peaceful environment.

Signs Of Interest

Sometimes we keep searching

For some clue

Whether or not

Someone likes us


Google becomes our best friend

Trying to understand human behaviour

Does he like me?

Why did he do that?


We get excited

When most of it shows

That our crush likes us

Otherwise our glance wouldn’t meet?


A man can show all the signs

That how great he is

That how gentle he is

But he might be putting up a show


A man can do all the right thing

Say all the right thing

Only until he gets what he wants

Only until he gets some benefits


Try refuse a little

Suddenly he is found nowhere

That is a sign

How much of a fool you have been


A man can bring you to his parents

A man can spend thousands on you

A man can find time despite busy schedule

But this doesn’t guarantee anything


Don’t be deceived

Be clever and think

But sometimes our own experience

Is the best teacher of all


Sometimes we can’t avoid

Being fooled

We have to learn the hard way

A sign of interest may be a trick


Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam



You cannot live alone

You must stay with a man

The society will look badly at you

If you don’t have a man

You need a companion

To help you during bad times

To avoid being lonely

You must find a man

Quarrelling and fighting

Is part and parcel of life

Today you fight

Tomorrow you will be fine

But is this true

Will I get help during bad times

Will I not feel lonely

If I have a man

I want to break free

From the cages I’m in

I want to fly high

Spread my wings

I want to do what I want to do

I want no objection

I want peaceful life

I want to stand on my own feet

I want to save myself

I want to be my own companion

I want to crown myself

I want to love myself

I want to make myself a priority

I want to be a queen of my life

I don’t want to be a slave

I want to be independent

Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam