How do you know if you have a Twin Flame 🔥

If you have a twin flame, everywhere you go, you will be reminded of your twin flame. Like you will see their name everywhere. Maybe you will smell their scents everywhere. For me, it was something else.

Ugly ones are lucky

This is a reality in this world. If you are pretty, you will be noticed easily. If you are not, then you need something in order for people to notice you.

5 Things That Your Girlfriend Wants From You

Women can be a confusing creature. One time they want one thing and another time, they want something else. But after reading this, you will know for sure that this is not going wrong again. Are you ready to find out the truth? Quickly read this. 1.Attention Number one thing a woman craves from you…

The Supporter

The worst feeling ever When you can’t share your feelings To anyone Because not everybody understands Most difficult times When facing test in life When I turn back to see who has my back I can only see myself People can promise But whether they really do Is a question Situation reveals the truth I…