Hiking @ Broga

I guess it has to take a heartbreak in order for you to move your ass around and finally doing the things that makes you excited. I was keep talking about going hiking to everybody that I know. How nice it is to be in nature and surrounded by trees and greenery?! Most people unfortunately do not understand this. Probably because it takes a lot of effort to climb up and getting sweaty and aching muscles as a result.

I was keep telling my ex that I wanted to go for jungle trekking, to which he kept failing to fulfill with the excuse of busy working schedule. Finally after being single back, my cousin came to rescue me. When you are going through heartbreak, you need to keep yourself busy. Avoid thinking about past. Avoid going back to the very person who don’t deserve you. It is very tough for a person like me. Once I get attached, it takes super long time for me to heal and finally let go of that person.

So thanks to my dear cousin, Hemz who invited me to go to Broga. She is also a nature lover like me who loves hiking. At the back of my mind, I was bombarded with questions. “Am I fit to actually climb up? It has been more than 2 years since I last went for jungle trekking. How if I get dizzy half way?” While my memory recalled how there was once I couldn’t climb up due to not enough energy (I didn’t eat anything heavy, so half way I started to feel dizzy).

But I was more excited than feeling fear. I told myself I’m going. Nobody going to stop me. So my cousin reached my house around 5.30am in the morning. My mum managed to prepare some breakfast for us. We left the house around 6am. By the time we reach Broga, it was about 6.45am.

It was still dark at the time. I saw cars were queuing up to enter carpark, it was a bit jammed in the morning. So I decided to park along the roadside. Thinking I don’t have to pay for parking. But a chinese lady stopped us and asked us to pay RM1 while we were passing the carpark area. We thought it is the entry ticket, hence paid for it and started walking. There were some who were using torchlight. I was glad we only reached at this time because we didn’t bring torchlight. We could still see the path and followed the other people who were going in front of us. After about 10 – 15 minutes, there was another chinese lady collecting money. We thought we could just show our ticket and we will be allowed to go in. But no. This is another RM1. Apparently we are paying for farm. But there isn’t any farm nearby. I asked the lady what is the difference with the payment near the carpark. The lady pretended not to hear my questions and continued collecting money from the people who were queuing up. Having no clear understanding, since it was mentioned by another blogger that they too paid twice and since it was a minimum amount which is just RM1, they paid and hence we too paid. Everybody was paying. Then we continued climbing.

My cousin posing for a picture. We had to queue to climb up because there were a lot of people.

The path was dry and slippery. We had to use our hands to hold some of the trees as we climbed up. There were a lot of rocks along the way and in some places there were ropes to help you to climb up. Since I had low stamina and not fit enough, there were moments I had to sit down to catch my breath. As I was scared that I would start to feel dizzy just like last time. There were others who were also resting like me. After resting about 3 – 5 minutes, I would continue my climb up using the easiest path that we can find.

We took a break to click some picture.

Then we came to a huge rock that will require one person to lift you up. My cousin is thin and small in size, she managed to push herself through a small hole in between the rock and climbed up. She couldn’t lift me up as I’m bigger than her. Not knowing how to go up and there were already a queue behind me and they all shouting “You can do it, climb up!” It is impossible as I don’t strength in my hand to lift my own weight. Then a Malay guy climbed up on his own and helped another girl who was with him. By this time, one Malay guy came down from up. I told this guy that I need help to climb up. So he grasped my hand and pulled me up. Relieved. I thanked him and continue to climb as he continued to help others to climb up. There is another huge rock but this rock comes with a rope. You need to hold this rope to climb up which also required a lot of strength.

Beautiful sunrise view.

Here also we had a Malay girl to help us. She already climbed up and was sitting on the rock. While my cousin and myself try to climb up, she pulled the rope to make it easy for us to climb. I was thankful again. What a tough lady! We reached a few nice spot to take nice pictures. You have to wait for your turn as people will be busy taking selfies and group photos with different angles and styles.

Looking away…

Looking around, there were a lot of people climbing up and down. Definitely will not feel lonely. In few spots, we stopped to take a sip of water and then continued. Along the way, there were a lot of friendly hikers. You can see Malays, Chinese and Indians. Some will motivate you, some will sing song, some will be joking around. Some will wish you good morning while passing by.

After much hassle, with thoughts to stop at second peak as we were getting tired, then we saw the final route to the top of broga. The view at this point looked so refreshing with light green color with long grasses. We took few pictures here before climbing up to the final peak. There were a lot of people up here. You have to queue to take pictures with the peak sign here. We managed to click a picture before deciding to go down as we wanted to avoid hot sun. Broga is not dense with trees, so high chances for you to get burned after 10am. By the time we reach peak, I think it was about 8.30am.

Loved the view here…
We had few seconds only to take picture because there were queues behind. This is me reaching peak of Broga.

Since climbing up the rock was a nightmare, we decided to take another route to go down. This route was tough as well as it was dry and slippery. We had to sit down and slide the way down to avoid falling. Both the palm of my hand looked red and felt as if it is going to be bruised due to the friction against the sand to control myself sliding down. Because I was uncontrollably sliding down and unable to stop if not because of my hand trying to grasp something at the harsh and dry surface. There were no branches to hold on also. You can be assured there were a lot of screaming episodes happened during this phase going down the hill. Actually it was fun. ๐Ÿ˜€

I started to think, next time I should bring gloves to protect my hand. While we were going down, we realized there were much less people using this route. There were a few Indian girls and boys behind us. Then we came to a point where there were one route going down, another going to the right. The route to the right looks like less travelled compared to the one going down. So my cousin and myself decided to slide down again. Only to realize the path coming to bushes, the path not clear, looks like not many people used this way. This doesn’t look like hiking trail. We couldn’t really see the path going down and it is surrounded by a lot of trees. We saw two chinese boys were running this way and went into the bush and disappeared. We looked at each other. Definitely we didn’t feel good going this route as we can’t see any other hikers apart from us, the few indians and the two chinese boys who just disappeared into the bush. We climbed up again and took the other route and continued straight. Then we bumped into other hikers, we found the main route where everybody was using to go down. Relieved and feeling safe, we continued down.

I can assure you both our hands and legs started to feel so much pain. My toes were hurting. I was carefully and slowly putting one by one leg forward. We were so tired. Then we came to a small stall by the same chinese lady who didn’t respond to our questions earlier. She was selling coconuts here. We wanted to buy but she was facing the hikers who were coming down. She couldn’t hear us calling at the back, then after few minutes waiting, we decided we will just buy from the small shop near the entrance.

We bought the most tastiest coconut water ever. It was without any added sugar. It was fresh and the price is very reasonable. It was the most refreshing drinks ever. We were really hungry. Both of us were vegetarians so we could not find any vegetarian food nearby broga. We thought we would eat in Seremban town. So we drove back. It took us about 40 minutes drive to reach Seremban. We wanted to try a new vegetarian restaurant in town but was disappointed as it was closed on Sunday. So we decided to eat at a restaurant just opposite the road. Since we both were very hungry, we decided to take early lunch. We took mix rice (rice, curry and some vege). To our surprise, the food was super tasty. We were wondering if the food was tasty because it is really tasty or is it because we were too hungry.

After having a feast, finally we went back home. The cost for both of us was only about RM9.00. It was cheap and delicious. Basically we both successfully completed our first broga hiking experience. It was worth it and pain followed us after. For the next two days, I could not lift both of my hands. I was having difficulty to walk properly. On the third day, my big toe was hurting so badly that I couldn’t wear cover shoe to work. On the fifth day, everything went back to normal. No more pain.

This hiking happened before movement control was announced due to Covid 19. Now I can only sit at home and watch movies. Hmmm…hopefully can continue hiking again soon.

A fruit a day for 20 days

This is a continuous post from A fruit a day for 10 days. I decided to break the post into three different post so that it is not too long and also to give myself some time for writing. I will write only 10 fruits that you can include in your daily meals in this post. If you wish to know the previous information I have posted, please click here (A fruit a day for 10 days). So let’s see what other fruits that you can take daily and their benefits.

grapesDay 11 : Grapes

Benefits : Contains fiber, potassium, Vitamin C and K. Good for bones, anti cancer. May improve memory, mood and attention. Helps to slow down aging and promote longevity.


papayaDay 12 : Papaya

Benefits : Contains Vitamin C, A and fiber. Powerful antioxidant. Has anticancer properties. May improve heart health. Good for constipation, bloating and irritable bowel syndrome. Help to keep skin youthful.


guavaDay 13 : Guava

Benefits : Rich in antioxidant, Vitamin C, potassium and fiber. Helps to lower down blood sugar level, heart health and boost immunity. Aid healthy bowel movement and prevent constipation. Helps in weight loss and good for skin.


Day mangosteen14 : Mangosteen

Benefits : Contains vitamins, minerals and fiber. Powerful antioxidant. Anti-cancer. Promotes weight loss, healthy immune system, healthy skin.

Do consult your doctor before taking this fruit if you are taking any medication and if you are pregnant.


orangeDay 15 : Orange

Benefits : Made up of carbs, water and fiber. Rich in Vitamin C. May prevent kidney stone formation. May prevent anemia if taken with iron-rich food. Avoid oranges if you have symptoms of heartburn.


PeachDay 16 : Peach

Benefits : High in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Helps in healthy digestion, improve heart health and protects skin against sun damage. May boost immunity.



blackberriesDay 17 : Blackberries

Benefits : Rich in Vitamin C, K, fiber and manganese. Helps to reduce heavy menstrual bleeding and avoid blood in the urine/stool. Promotes healthy bone development. Helps to prevent osteoporosis. May improve brain health and prevent memory loss.



Day 18 : Jackfruit

Benefits : Contains fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Helps in blood sugar control, reduce risk of viral infections, improve skin health. May help in stomach ulcers and asthma.

Some might be allergic to this fruit.


kiwiDay 19 : Kiwi

Benefits : Contains Vitamin C, K, E, potassium and fiber. May help to treat asthma, good for digestion, boost immune system and manage blood pressure. Reduces risk of colon cancer. Protects against vision loss and blood clotting.

Some might be allergic to this fruit.



blueberriesDay 20 : Blueberries

Benefits : High in fiber, Vitamin C and K. King of antioxidant among all food. Reduce aging and helps to prevent cancer. Good for heart. Improve memory. Anti-diabetic. Help to reduce urinary tract infection (UTI).


So here we are with 20 different fruit choices that we can include in our daily diet. Let’s choose to eat healthily and improve our overall health. Especially if you are vegetarian or vegan, it is a must to include these fruits, otherwise you might suffer from deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals.


A fruit a day for 10 days

Do you know that we have so many different fruits that exist in the market that we can eat and never get bored eating them? If you are vegetarian like me, you will know how frustrated it is to get proper meal and how it feels like having incomplete meals. So I decided to list it down for myself and for you as well so that we can eat healthier. Here are 10 different fruits which you can include in your daily meals :-

Day 1 : APRICOTApricot

Benefits : Contain Vitamin A, C & E, potassium, high in antioxidant. Good for eye, skin, gut and liver.




avocadoDay 2 : Avocado

Benefits : Include 20 different vitamins and minerals, rich in fiber. Good for eye, can help to lose weight.




lemon.jpgDay 3 : Lemon

Benefits : Contains Vitamin C. Good for skin, helps in digestion, weight loss and help to prevent kidney stone.



lychee.jpgDay 4 : Lychee

Benefits : Contains protein and fiber. Helps in weight loss, improve digestion and defend body against viruses.




limeDay 5 : Lime

Benefits : Contains calcium, potassium and Vitamin C. Helps in digestion, weight loss, improve skin and help to prevent kidney stones.



durian1Day 6 : Durian

Benefits : High in fiber, anti aging. Helps in digestion, reduce bloating & heartburn, improve bone health.





longan @ mata kucing.jpgDay 7 : Longan

Benefits : Contains potassium, Vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorous and B Vitamin. Good for skin, anti aging, improve sleep quality, helps in vision, memory and promotes weight loss.


banana.jpgDay 8 : Banana

Benefits : High in Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, fibre and manganese. Good for skin, blood pressure, helpsย  in ulcer, constipation, heartburn, improve kidney health.


mango.jpgDay 9 : Mango

Benefits : High in fibre, Vitamin A & C. Helps to boost immunity, digestive health, helps in eye health, improve hair and skin health.



grapefruitDay 10 : Grapefruit

Benefits : Contains 15 vitamins & minerals. Helps in immune system, good for weight loss, improve heart health, may prevent kidney stones.

Consult your doctor before taking this fruit as it might have adverse effect when taken with certain medications.


Some fruits like bananas and lemon can be taken daily. If you do have any illness or serious health problem, please consult your doctor before consuming these fruits.

Exercise, exercise, exercise ๐Ÿ’ช

“Tomorrow I’m going to wake up at 6.00am, I’m going to leave the house by 6.30am and reach the park at 7am. I’m going to go for jogging no matter what!” the brain is telling the heart while I’m putting the alarm on my phone.


The next day at 6.00am.


I wake up and check my phone.

“I will wake up in 5 mins time,” I sleep back while hitting the snooze button.

After 10mins, the same thing happen until the alarm goes off. Sometimes I will not hear the ring anymore. As if my ears have gone deaf temporarily.

Well this is not the first time I do this. I did the same thing countless time and ended up feeling bad for not sticking to my plan. I really want to go for jogging but I couldn’t do it. This is not the only reason as to why I cannot do it. There are other reasons too. Are any of these reasons ring a bell to you?

Why I don’t exercise?

1) I have to go alone. ๐Ÿ˜ญ I don’t like to go jogging alone. I need someone to be there. Who is going to accompany me?

2) I don’t like people watching me.

3) Why I have to wear shoes? I hate shoes. It covers my whole feet and I feel uncomfortable. Why can’t I just wear slippers and go for walk in the park? I know safety is important, but I just want to get some fresh air while walking in the park. People might look at me one kind if I actually wear slipper to go for a walk at park.

4) I must have all those branded shoes and attire before I can go for jogging. Well sometimes I have these thoughts but who cares? Am I going for jogging or to promote the brand?

5) Basically I’m just lazy. I prefer to sleep nicely on my bed than to sacrifice my sleep and actually go for jogging. Period.

So these are the common reasons why I don’t go for exercise. Do you have any other interesting reasons? You can share with me at the comments. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, we have a problem to solve. How to push ourselves to actually get our ass out there to exercise? I want to share with you what actually helps me.

I have started to exercise recently but not yet doing it consistently. I was thinking what actually made me to start exercising and I want to share it with you as well.

How to motivate ourselves to actually exercise?

1) Have a support group. I found that when I have a group of people with the same mindset that is to be healthier and loves to exercise, I naturally find myself joining them too. Now I don’t have a reason to say I have to do it alone.

2) People are watching me when I do exercise. Everybody is doing it together, so it’s okay. In fact, they keep motivating me “Puspha, don’t stop! Keep doing! You can do it! Yeah…”

3) To have a personal coach who inspire and push you to be a better person. She is doing it and at the same time, she inspires me to do it.

4) Know what will happen to your body if you don’t consciously start to exercise today. Those who do not exercise regularly have higher chances of getting chronic illnesses.

5) To have the desire that I want to exercise have actually made it possible for me to exercise. If you believe in law of attraction, whatever you are thinking most of the time, you will attract it to you. The universe have to arrange the time and place for me so that I can have my desire fulfilled.

These are the some of the things that helping me to do exercise today. If you are looking for some way to improve your health and want to exercise, you can start by finding your support group first. If you have any other ideas, you can share in the comments section. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Source of image :ย www.texasrockgym.com/exercise-for-homeschoolers/