How did I overcome depression?

I saw a post in FB that reminded me of my own experience going through depression many many years ago. At that time, I didn’t even know I was depressed. I didn’t understand why was I depressed? What made me depressed? Then, one day suddenly I realized I am no longer depressed. What did I…

Why is it impossible to move on from your twin flame?

Twin flame journey definitely has taught me to love myself first. Only last year I realized that I actually have a twin flame. I went from wanting external love to complete me to feeling completely in love with myself. Today I can smile from within. I felt at peace. I am still not with my…

Find the reason of your unhappiness

Why do we get unhappy? Why are we stressed all the time? Why aren’t we feel fulfilled in our life? How to stop being unhappy? I have learnt important lessons in the past years and I thought to pen it down. Who knows that somebody needs it right now?

Waking up to brutal lies

In school, they taught me about unity. But in reality, they don’t practice it. In fact, the very people in power create division among people.