The feeling of being disconnected

Have you ever felt like a stranger talking to someone whom you have known your entire life? Have you ever felt uncomfortable connecting with someone close? Have you ever felt like you are unable to relate to people in your current reality? This is how I am feeling right now. I feel overwhelmed with emotions….

Twin Flame Obsession

I came across the term “twin flame” and found myself obsessing over it. Not only me but many people called their relationship as twin flame and claimed that they are in harmonious relationship with their twin flame. Then I came across one coach who said “twin flame is not a romantic relationship” and I was…

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The way I look at femininity is changing

Why are we trying to be like men? Why are we trying so hard to be independent? Why are we expecting men to be like women? Why do we have to go to work only to send our kids away to strangers? Why are we trying to solve all our problems ourselves? Why divorce rate…

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How did I overcome depression?

I saw a post in FB that reminded me of my own experience going through depression many many years ago. At that time, I didn’t even know I was depressed. I didn’t understand why was I depressed? What made me depressed? Then, one day suddenly I realized I am no longer depressed. What did I…