The feeling of being disconnected

Have you ever felt like a stranger talking to someone whom you have known your entire life? Have you ever felt uncomfortable connecting with someone close? Have you ever felt like you are unable to relate to people in your current reality? This is how I am feeling right now. I feel overwhelmed with emotions….

Go back to your heart

Go back to your heart Can you hear it calling you? Life is supposed to be magical… When did we stop believing in magic? Miss Pushpa Writes

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When the universe is there to serve you

Sometimes it feels scaryWhat will happenHow will it happenFollowing the heartMakes you to do unimaginable thingsBut yet it feels right It feels as thoughYou are meant to do thisEverything just flowsLike waterWorry seems to be away When the whole universeIs there to serve youYou know in your heartEverything will be taken care of Just trust…

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I’m right here

Why are you looking for others when I’m here? I’m right here. #misspushpawrites #shortpoem

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Twin Flame Obsession

I came across the term “twin flame” and found myself obsessing over it. Not only me but many people called their relationship as twin flame and claimed that they are in harmonious relationship with their twin flame. Then I came across one coach who said “twin flame is not a romantic relationship” and I was…

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The way I look at femininity is changing

Why are we trying to be like men? Why are we trying so hard to be independent? Why are we expecting men to be like women? Why do we have to go to work only to send our kids away to strangers? Why are we trying to solve all our problems ourselves? Why divorce rate…

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How to set boundaries with people?

Ever since I started to be more authentic and learned to choose myself in whatever life presented to me, I realized that one thing kept coming up and I had to make a difficult choice: The choice of saying no to people and making myself and the person involved uncomfortable. How do I set boundaries…

I manifested almost everything I ever desired

About 10 years ago, when I started to work and trying out different types of jobs, I realized that I was able to manifest certain type of jobs or certain location. I hated my first job after graduation, so I quit in less than 2 months. Then, I was teaching as a part time tutor….


Today is Mother’s Day. Unlike years before, this year feels a little different. This year I feel pretty emotional for my mum. She is still around me. I can see her still. I can still hear her voice. But suddenly it’s haunting me that the time is getting nearer. There will come a time when…

Why do people cheat?

Why do people get married? Without finding love, And then yearn for it, Outside of marriage. Why do people cheat? It’s simply because, They are not in love, They don’t know what is love. Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam 22 April 2022

Why is it impossible to move on from your twin flame?

Twin flame journey definitely has taught me to love myself first. Only last year I realized that I actually have a twin flame. I went from wanting external love to complete me to feeling completely in love with myself. Today I can smile from within. I felt at peace. I am still not with my…

Be my valentine

Is Valentine’s Day overrated? Are people genuinely celebrating it or doing it for the sake of it? Is there any guarantee if I found my man, then I will receive a flower on Valentine’s Day? I have never seen my father giving flowers to my mum & they are married over 30 years. Is it enough if flowers are given only on this day? How about other days?

Gratitude for 2021

The year 2021 was the year I truly realized that I am my own happiness. I am complete and happy on my own. I decided I will give me everything that I will ever need. I took back my power from people around me. I decided that I will make my own decision and face the consequence of my own action. I will be responsible for the choice I made. I learnt to trust myself when making decision. I learnt to trust my intuition more than anything.

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Find the reason of your unhappiness

Why do we get unhappy? Why are we stressed all the time? Why aren’t we feel fulfilled in our life? How to stop being unhappy? I have learnt important lessons in the past years and I thought to pen it down. Who knows that somebody needs it right now?

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My honest feedback after being vegetarian for 12 years

In 2013, I started to have signs of bloated issue. I would get headache and then I would vomit as my stomach wouldn’t process the food properly. A year after, the problem became so bad that someone pointed out to me that I should look into my bloated issue

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Dream to travel the world

I want to be able to travel the world without restriction. I want to see and experience nature in different countries and make memories. I do not want a life where I have to work my ass off to save little money and travel and then come back and live the same mundane, routine life.

Guardian angel

Take a deep breath. Hold your palm together as if you are holding you. Relax. Your guardian angel is watching over you. Everything will be fine. Feel the light is surrounding you. Your guardian angel is protecting you right now. You feel safe and calm. You are protected. You will be saved. You will be…

Waking up to brutal lies

In school, they taught me about unity. But in reality, they don’t practice it. In fact, the very people in power create division among people.

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I miss you

I miss you Actually I miss you The more I miss you The more I’m getting angry With myself Eventhough I know that I wouldn’t be able to stay angry with you When will this torture end? Sometimes I feel my own heartbeat Thinking of you I wished to erase you from memory Years I…

I wonder if you ever felt the same

I wonder if you ever felt the same The yearning I constantly feel As if you are my shadow Renting free in my head I struggle to let myself free The more I try to let go The closer you become It feels as if we are one You are hiding something Wanting to hide…

If one knows one’s self worth

If one knows one’s self worth Even a diamond will not be enough To match the price and value Probably money won’t be a match It is time to look within The courage and strength Are waiting to be discovered To shine like a bright sun Never bow down to someone When they fail to…

Made a promise

We are on this planet Earth Having made a promise That we will do our purpose To make it heaven for everyone Mother Earth gives us plenty Nothing is lacking Water, air and land It will never end Somehow some wants to own Want it all for oneself Destroying mother Earth All for own benefits…

I can never understand

I can never understand As to why people think that Only they need to survive But not others I can never understand As to why people can see The suffering of their own people But not of others I can never understand As to why people are so blind To see the source of all…

There was never a day

There was never a day That you were away Never forget to stay Always seems to getaway I kneel and start to pray For God to show me the way It’s you or the highway Hope to never let us partway Only until yesterday I realized the reason for delay Hoping to never sway Please…

As I walk on the path of nature

As I walk on the path of nature I feel at ease at my future Leaving behind all kind of pressure Excited to find my treasure I was once so unsure Being so young and immature Feeling of lack and insecure Until I had some exposure I am now feeling so secure Stepping on flowers…

If you see injustice and do nothing about it…

Many people have this attitude “It’s ok! Not a big deal! It’s just a small matter! Why making a big fuss about it? There is nothing we can do about it!” When a lady came out in public and tells that she has been sexually harassed by a male, many chose to blame her. It…

How do you know if you have a Twin Flame 🔥

If you have a twin flame, everywhere you go, you will be reminded of your twin flame. Like you will see their name everywhere. Maybe you will smell their scents everywhere. For me, it was something else.

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Do what feels right

I think the best way to make a decision is through your feeling. If you get the slightest “mmm” in your guts, be aware. It could be a signal that something not good might happen if you proceed. How many times in our life did we ignore our “inner voice” and later on we found…

Waiting is the hardest part

If you are already married and have kids in your 20s, then this post is not for you. If you are not married and have no kids and you are above 30s, then please proceed to read this. For those of you who have been following my blog and read my previous posts will understand…

I am not a saint

If you are the conservative type and love to judge people, this post is not for you. I suggest for you to simply skip this post. If you think you are the God’s messenger who is here to save people and to tell people what they do is wrong and what you are doing is…

Women & Equal Rights : I am not your slave

“Molle, it’s Thursday! Sweep and mop the house” “Hang the clothes.” “Fold the clothes.” The list of the house work goes on. We are the siblings of three. Two daughters and one son. Growing up, I noticed that when it comes to cleaning house, it is the daughters’ job. I have been told that it…

How Fulfilling is My Daily Life?

I am excited to share that I have recently manifested one of my dream which I have written in this blog in 2017. For those of you who are new to my blog, welcome to my world! For those who are still sticking around, I say thank you to each one of you. I am…

Falling in love with LOVE

Isn’t love supposed to make you feel good Isn’t love supposed to make you feel loved Isn’t love supposed to make you feel seen Isn’t love supposed to make you feel happy If the love you have is making you feeling otherwise Is it really love in the first place Do we have to work…

3 years with WordPress

This is my 4th year of writing this blog with Wordpress. I still haven’t found a niche that I want to focus on. I started blogging since I found out writing is one of my passion.

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Book Review : Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T.Kiyosaki

This book was written so well that I managed to finish reading it in a couple of days. The author kept me on toes waiting for the next revelation. The details he has shared in his book is something that the school didn’t teach me. University didn’t teach me. What the current education taught me…

Diving into the unknown….the magic of recurring numbers

What it means to keep seeing recurring numbers? After my last post, I did come across more synchronizing numbers like 2222, 333, 111, 444, and 4545. Am I seeing these numbers because I am looking forward to see these numbers? Because I am expecting to see them. Every time I see these numbers, I can’t…

Positive Affirmations Practice

I am free from debt. I am financially independent. I always attract abundance to my life. I am happy with what I have in my life. I am content and satisfied. I am full of happiness. I am close to nature. I get help at the right time always. The Universe always have my back….

Is the universe really speaking to you? The magic of repeated numbers…

Recently I found an influencer in Instagram that I have been following for quite some time posting about seeing recurring numbers repeatedly. The numbers that she always seem to see are 111, 444. I have come across other people talking about these numbers but I never really paid any attention because I thought it is…

Find that one minute and be present now

Go to a quiet place. This could be your room, living room or prayer room. You want to avoid people walking around you. As you want to avoid any sort of disturbance. Either movement or sound. If you can’t find a completely quiet place, it is ok.

Detachment is key to happiness

The process of attaining something doesn’t make me happy nor does achievement makes happiness long lasting…..Life will be predictable and will not be exciting if we know what is going to happen.

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Hiking @ Broga

Since climbing up the rock was a nightmare, we decided to take another route to go down. This route was tough as well as it was dry and slippery.

Ugly ones are lucky

This is a reality in this world. If you are pretty, you will be noticed easily. If you are not, then you need something in order for people to notice you.

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Time to slow down for self reflection

I think at the moment, most of the countries around the world have gone into lockdown or practice movement control among the citizens. We are all trying to save ourselves from the deadly virus. Here, in Malaysia, the government has started movement control order for the citizens in order to protect us. Now already one…

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Another day passed Another month passed Another year will pass How far have I come? It is the time to stop and ponder I must focus on my own path My path is different than others Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam 06.12.2019