I manifested almost everything I ever desired

About 10 years ago, when I started to work and trying out different types of jobs, I realized that I was able to manifest certain type of jobs or certain location. I hated my first job after graduation, so I quit in less than 2 months. Then, I was teaching as a part time tutor….


Today is Mother’s Day. Unlike years before, this year feels a little different. This year I feel pretty emotional for my mum. She is still around me. I can see her still. I can still hear her voice. But suddenly it’s haunting me that the time is getting nearer. There will come a time when…

Why do people cheat?

Why do people get married? Without finding love, And then yearn for it, Outside of marriage. Why do people cheat? It’s simply because, They are not in love, They don’t know what is love. Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam 22 April 2022

Why is it impossible to move on from your twin flame?

Twin flame journey definitely has taught me to love myself first. Only last year I realized that I actually have a twin flame. I went from wanting external love to complete me to feeling completely in love with myself. Today I can smile from within. I felt at peace. I am still not with my…

I see you in that dream

Why do I feel like crap? Everytime I tried to go away from you I feel suffocated as if I’m running out of breath Everything seems to bother me Everyone becomes my victim I feel deep sadness and pain I know it’s impossible to do this But I still want to do it I fail…