The feeling of being disconnected

Have you ever felt like a stranger talking to someone whom you have known your entire life? Have you ever felt uncomfortable connecting with someone close? Have you ever felt like you are unable to relate to people in your current reality? This is how I am feeling right now. I feel overwhelmed with emotions….

Go back to your heart

Go back to your heart Can you hear it calling you? Life is supposed to be magical… When did we stop believing in magic? Miss Pushpa Writes

When the universe is there to serve you

Sometimes it feels scaryWhat will happenHow will it happenFollowing the heartMakes you to do unimaginable thingsBut yet it feels right It feels as thoughYou are meant to do thisEverything just flowsLike waterWorry seems to be away When the whole universeIs there to serve youYou know in your heartEverything will be taken care of Just trust…

I’m right here

Why are you looking for others when I’m here? I’m right here. #misspushpawrites #shortpoem