Who is the villain?

A person is good for you

If their presence makes you happy

If you feel safe around them

If you are comfortable being yourself

A person is bad for you

If you feel suffocated

If you become depressed

If your gut feeling says so

Sometimes we are the bad person

We make others to feel suffocated

We are not right for them

We can’t even see our fault

Each person is a hero

In their story

They are free to choose

Who is the villain

But for the villain

He is the hero in his story

He becomes the good character

You become the villain

Every story has two sides

Both sides can be right

Both sides can be wrong

But who are we to judge?

You and I are not God

Why do we want to be God?

Each one will reap what they sow

It is better to look at ourselves

The person in front of you

Is a mirror

They are showing you

Who you are

By behaving in a certain way

You are showing the world

Who you are

What you came here to do

Triggers show you

Where you need to heal

Look back at yourself

Why do I feel like this?

Heal yourself & heal others

Your action is gonna show people

Who you are

Not your words

You have a choice

To be a hero

To be a villain

Sometimes you have to be the villain

Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam


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