Love is…

You cannot choose

Who you will fall in love with

It just happens

Without you even realize it

Love doesn’t choose a person

By how fat the bank balance is

By their material possession

By their look

Love doesn’t choose a person

By their character

By how much they do for you

By the amount of time spent together

Love doesn’t count

Love is giving freely

Without any expectation

Without demand

Love is…

The happiness you feel

By just a glimpse of your person

The excitement you feel in your heart

Love is…

When you see the sparkling eyes

When they see you

When they try to hide their smile

Love is…

When you remember

The smallest detail about them

You don’t even want to forget it

Love is…

You rewind the memories

Again and again till it feels

As though it was just yesterday

Love is…

Remembering the first moment

The glance, the smile, the stare

Even sharing the scarf they used

Love is…

When you remember them

When you listen to a song

And you keep repeat it over and over again

Love is…

When you start to understand

The meaning of love song

The same song feels different now

Love is…

Letting them to be free

Trusting they will come back

No matter how long it takes

Love is…

You feel strong pull in your heart

When they miss you

And you can’t even sleep at night

Love is…

You just know

Something is happening to them

Even when they are in a distance

Love is…

You are simply happy

You are simply peaceful

In their company

Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam


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