Is vegetarian diet good or bad for health? Based on my own experience

I decided to be vegetarian more than 10 years ago in order to save animals from being killed. I felt guilty seeing them die so that I could eat. I can still eat vegetables and survive. Then why should they die? Hence, I decided and changed my diet from non-vegetarian to vegetarian. I started off with pure vegetarian diet. I didn’t take garlic, onion, egg, or any meat in my diet. How do I feel now after 13 years of being vegetarian? How is my health today? Is it true vegetarian diet is healthy diet?

I’m a picky eater. I used to eat only certain food even before becoming a vegetarian. Taste buds greatly influence my choice of food. What do I eat most of the time? Rice with one or two vegetables, fried mee, fried rice, pasta, “kuih”, soy meat, indian traditional food like “idli”, “thosai”, “puttu”, etc. Most of them are carbohydrates. It’s difficult to get protein source or fat source in my meals because I’m a picky eater. I do take tofu & tempe for my protein but do I take it everyday? No. How to eat the same food everyday?

I knew I was deficient in nutrients, so I tried taking Herbalife before. It was good when I was consuming it. When I stopped, things went back to how it was before. It was also expensive to invest into Herbalife on a monthly basis. Besides, it is a processed food. I wouldn’t know if it will cause any side effects in the long term. Of course, they claim there is none.

In my previous post in 2021 (click here to read), I have shared about issues of hair falling, brittle nails, and chronic bloating. I had to take eggs, onion and garlic to save my hair and nails, and to solve bloating problems. After months of changing my previous diet & practicing intermittent fasting, I can see I have less bloating. I don’t see much improvement in my nails. I have started to eat food that I usually don’t eat to improve the conditions but I can see very little improvement. I can see there are baby hairs but certain part I couldn’t grow the hair thicker.

Recently I had symptoms again and I was down not knowing how to improve the conditions of my body. I don’t believe in taking supplements or medicine. I have to look at the root cause and treat it permanently. I want to take charge of my own body. But the question is how?

I learnt to do intermittent fasting after watching Dr Berg’s video. I did see improvement in my symptoms. So if I need advice related to health, I check his video first. I saw his video on why he doesn’t recommend vegetarian diet and I had no choice but to agree with what he’s saying. Because I’m deficient in nutrient.

If vegetarian diet is bad, then how about non-vegetarian diet? Is it healthy? Those who consume non-vegetarian diet are also having health problems. So how do I decide? I have to experiment first and experience it myself in order to give an answer. I realized that my current diet is not helping me to improve my conditions. I can only know whether meat consumption will help to improve my conditions after trying it out.

I have been trying to follow keto diet but it’s difficult being a vegetarian. Most of my food are carbs and it’s spiking my blood sugar. I have very few choices of food and it’s exhausting to think where do I get protein or fat sources. The problem is I’m a picky eater. Certain food I don’t eat.

So my conclusion is if you are a vegetarian & a picky eater, it is going to be bad for your health. Your own suffering will make you realize. Balance is key. Too much of something is not good. Too little of something is also not good. Find the balance. It took me over 10 years to come to this condition. My chronic bloating started after 4 years of being vegetarian. Now I don’t have bloating issue because I’m consuming garlic and doing intermittent fasting to heal my body. Do what works for you.

I have been reading and trying to understand what is actually causing us diseases for the past 2 years. Pandemic was indeed a blessing in disguise. It opened my eyes to a lot of lies surrounding food, healthcare, and nutrition. I understood one thing very clearly. I have to eat food that comes from soil. Anything processed that comes in can or boxes are bad for my health in the long term. Most food we consume are carbohydrates. This is the main cause of our diseases. I have to look at the root cause in order to eliminate any diseases.

How I feel is very important. How my body feels is very important. I don’t even like getting headaches. Well, nobody likes getting headaches. Our simple solution is to grab a panadol. But did we ever try to think what is causing us headaches? Whenever I get headaches, I will start to analyze what food did I consume on that day or that week. Am I stressed? What is causing me stress? Unfortunately most of us do not have time to look at all of these. We just look at simple solution. We mask the symptoms. And then wonder why it gets worse over time.

Being vegetarian for 13 years is quite a feat. I made this decision myself in 2009. Today I am making a different decision. I have decided to experiment and see it for myself what actually works for my body. I hated garlic, but it actually helps in my bloating problem. When I told my mum about this decision of changing my diet, she was shocked. Yes, I still cannot see animals dying. It makes me cry. But when I see myself suffering in pain, I have no choice but try to look at alternatives. She was more worried at how other people would look at me. And I don’t care about what other people think about me, because they are not here to help me whenever I go through suffering alone.

I have come to a point that I will only listen to my own heart. If I feel I should do certain thing, I do it. I don’t have to answer it to anybody. I am answerable to myself. My belief system is changing tremendously. I question everything. I want to know if it makes sense. If it doesn’t make sense even it is claimed by “experts” to be the truth, I don’t accept it anymore. They make us a fool for being ignorant.

I understood today that those people up there in power do not want to see us living healthy. I understood history was changed purposely to teach us the wrong thing. I don’t know to what extend the scriptures in holy books are real. How if they changed it too? If they can change history books, can’t they change religious books? Even food pyramid was taught to us wrongly. They taught us to eat more carbohydrates in school. Look at our conditions today. So many of us have chronic diseases. They simply blame our genetics. But not our food. Nobody is talking about the danger of GMO food. I have decided to take charge of my own health. I want to learn nutrition myself. And I want to see if my body heals. I hope you do the same if you are currently suffering in any chronic diseases. Root cause is your food.

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