I manifested almost everything I ever desired

About 10 years ago, when I started to work and trying out different types of jobs, I realized that I was able to manifest certain type of jobs or certain location. I hated my first job after graduation, so I quit in less than 2 months.

Then, I was teaching as a part time tutor. I kinda liked this job but I found that it wasn’t a stable job for me at that time. I had to pay certain commission to agent and usually the students didn’t study long with me.

So while I was still going around tutoring students, I used to passby a specific building where I was staying at that time and used to think “I want to work here. I should only work 5 days a week only, 9 – 5 job. I don’t want to work on Saturday and Sunday. I want to have a balance life.” Guess what happened? I landed a job at a building next to this particular building I was aiming at. I got exactly what I wanted. 5 days job, I punch in at 8.45am and can leave sharp at 5.30pm. Yes, I didn’t have to work during weekends. Amazing, isn’t it?

Then, I didn’t like the boss I had at that time. I was constantly reminded that I could lose my job anytime without notice (I was on contract btw). I loved the environment and loved the job but I decided to leave because I didn’t like to work at a place knowing I could lose my job at any time.

So I used my power of manifestation and decided that I want to have a permanent job. An acquaintance I knew at that time whom I spoke to through telephone told me that I have a clear voice and very good command of English, so I should try to work as customer service officer. I was like “Owhh, really?” Based on the feedback I received, I applied for customer service position. Guess what happened?

I landed a permanent job for a customer service position. Now as I reflect back, I think I was meant to reach there at that time because I ended up meeting with my twin flame here. Within 6 months, I realized I didn’t like this job. I didn’t have much freedom to move, I couldn’t speak to my colleagues at work freely and I cannot afford to fall sick here. The job required everyone to come to work everyday.

But I decided to stay a little longer because I was afraid of losing the chance I had with my twin flame to see whether something could actually happen between us. The only thing that made me happy was seeing him coming to work. Somehow time passed and at one point, I couldn’t take it anymore because nothing was really happening between us and to keep my sanity, I started to look for a new job.

So again I was using my power of thoughts to manifest a “dream job”. I was told that this particular company is very good in taking care of their employees, so I was excited to work in this company. Of course, I was offered way better salary, so I decided to grab it. Now, here is the twist. Sometimes we want something so bad only to realize that it wasn’t as good as we thought. My dream job soon became my worst nightmare. I was told one thing during interview and ended up getting something else before my job confirmation. If there is one thing I hated is getting stuck in traffic jam and having to travel in a crowded bus or train.

So to avoid this, I chose a job that allowed me to work in shift and a timing that I can choose. I got twist here where I needed to work at rush hour which means I will be stuck in jam everyday to come to work. That is something I cannot tolerate. After several failed negotiation with my leader at that time, I made an important decision for my life. I told myself “I will never work under anyone. I will be my own boss. I will decide when and how I will work. My working time will be flexible. I will have my own place to sit.

This was the time when I seriously started looking at what can I do on my own to earn a living. All my life I was taught how to work with people. How to take instruction from people. Nobody taught me how to be a boss. How to do own business. In fact, I had no idea about what I could do. I didn’t know what were my strengths or my passion. My soul searching began at this time. A different level of awakening. Another layer peeled to go within to look for the “hidden pearl or wisdom”.

I searched in google to find out things I could do on my own and I came across few things that I liked doing or had some interest doing. My first blog post was about Finding My Passion. This is when I realized I always loved writing. Thanks to my school teacher who told me in Form Two, “Pushpa, you have good story in your writing but you need to work on your grammar.” And to another teacher who encouraged me to take part in a writing competition when I was in Form 6. I didn’t write for the competition as I changed school at that time and also due to the fact I lacked confidence in my ability to write. I started to gain more confidence when I scored the highest in my class for an essay writing, higher than someone who can speak English way better than me.

So I thought writing in a blog will help me to become the boss that I wanted to be. I started to write this blog in 2017. Today, after 7 years, I can tell you I am living my dream life. Today I am the boss for my life. I decide the time for me to work. I am not taking any instruction from anyone else except me. My working time is flexible. I have my little room to work as my office. From the comfort of my parent’s house. How did this happen?

This blog didn’t help me to earn any extra income. I only have few loyal readers. Many successful blogs which earns a lot of money focus on writing for other people. They give tips, ideas, share how to do list, and many more. I decided I want to write for myself. Simply for the joy of writing. I am spending hours here writing is not giving me any monetary value.

Nobody is paying me money to write this. But I enjoy this. I love it when I write my heart out. I started to write poem from my heart too in this blog. I find that writing is healing for me. I am no longer the same person I was when I started to write in this blog. Today I feel I’m a completely different person. Previously I lacked courage to voice things out. My ability to write is helping me to speak better or to share my thoughts better.

The twist I had in the so called “dream job” made me to make u-turn in my life. I ended up doing MLM jobs, driving Uber and worked temporarily in a restaurant. I moved from the hustle and bustle of KL city to a more quiet environment in my hometown. I moved in to stay with my parents. Again, it was amazing to see how the universe worked to bring me my desired job.

I came across some contacts who requested me to help with their restaurant and I decided to do it for a lower pay. Just to get some experience I thought. So there were people who asked me “why are you working here? You seemed to be educated.” What could I say? It’s complicated. Haha! Then, one day I met my primary school senior and she recognized me instantly. She offered me a job in a completely different environment and told me I would love this job. I decided to send my resume and go for the interview and guess what?

I got the job. I didn’t have any experience in this industry. I probably got the job due to recommendation. The General Manager who interviewed me asked me this, “there were two managers who worked here before couldn’t achieve the target and they had to leave. How do you think you could do this job?” I said, “I will never know until I try.” This is a 5 star resort who could easily hire any other candidate who probably had more experience than me. But here I am who got the opportunity to experience working here. My plus point was I did have some sales background.

This was a perfect job for me. Miraculously I got the job at such a perfect time where I managed to get some sales and hit my sales target or close to the target in the first 3 months I worked. I was told that I wouldn’t get this job. But the universe knew exactly what to do and who to move.

I got a new GM at that time who decided to take a chance on me (not the one who interviewed me). He told me straight to my face, “I don’t know why he hired you (the previous GM) when you had no experience working in hospitality. I wouldn’t have hired you, but since you are here, I will confirm you. I don’t break people’s rice bowl. You have a good attitude, so I’m gonna train you.”

He decided to give me a chance. I didn’t have any customer base at that time. I had to build it from scratch. This is a fierce boss but he had a good heart. Every time I remember him, I always pray he is in good place. I learnt from him that not everybody who smiles and be nice to you is good. The one who scolds you and be fierce to you probably have better intention than the one who smiles at you. May God bless him with good health and fortune. So here you can see that not all bosses are bad.

There are some who are good. Only some are toxic. So I left this place when the toxic one arrived. Remember about my manifestation? I wanted to be flexible and do not want to take instruction from people much. This job required me to report directly to GM, so I had a lot of space and I can move freely with minimal supervision. If it was a typical sales boss who probably will hassle me for report every now and then, I probably would have hated this job.

But this was a perfect job. The universe knew this. I loved the environment. It was near beach. I enjoyed going to work everyday. I hardly stay in the office. I had a lot of freedom to do my job. So slowly I improved and got the confidence that I could actually be promoted. But the universe had a different plan. The pandemic hit and the hospitality sector was badly affected. My salary was cut for about 10 months. I had to work and do different roles and on top of that, suddenly I had to report to a different person to whom I felt suffocated. I just had a feeling that I should leave this job. I left that job within weeks after having this “feeling”.

If you have been reading my blog, then you would have come across about angel numbers. The day when I quit this job, I saw 2.22pm on my car screen. You can read it here: How Fulfilling is My Daily Life? I felt as though the universe was telling me, “You made the right move.” I ended up coming back to teaching. I had this idea in my head that I want to teach people or do a course.

If there is something that I could teach well, I think that would be English language. I have been using this language daily, reading and learning new vocabulary everyday. I love this language so much that I could teach this with ease. In fact, I hope I will be able to travel one day and teach the language wherever I go. I hope I would find a sponsor who could sponsor me to move across globe to do the things I love.

At the moment, I am seeing multiple synchronized numbers on a daily basis. I started to experience this in 2020. You can read more about my experience here: Is the universe really speaking to you? The magic of repeated numbers… & Diving into the unknown…The magic of recurring numbers. I believe I was meant to do whatever that I’m doing now.

I saw a lot of 888 numbers. This number indicates abundance. I was constantly reminded by angel that I will live an abundant life. When I look at my current reality, in terms of the desired money that I wished to have, I am yet to receive it. But when I look at other aspects of my life, I realized that I am already living an abundant life. I am living a peaceful & quiet life. I am happy with what I am doing at the moment. There are moments I lose it. There are moments I get angry or sad.

But in general, I am much more peaceful compared to before. I used to get frequent headaches. Now I hardly get headache. Why? I have changed the food I eat. And I now only do the things that makes me happy and peaceful. The money I make is just enough to cover my monthly bills. Some months I make more. Some months I make less.

But it is always enough. I have enough food to eat. I have a place to stay. In fact, I am able to stay close with my parents. I used to have colleagues who used to tease me, “You are so lucky! You can still eat your mother’s cooking. We all have to cook ourselves. If we don’t cook, then the kids will go hungry.” I may not have the greatest parents in the world but they allow me to simply be. They will come out to send me off even if I’m just going away for few hours for hiking. I look at my life and find that I am already living an abundant life. Not everybody able to live like this.

Many are still stuck in a job that they hate. They don’t like the boss but they have to work because they need to earn a living for the family. Many are in debts. They cannot afford to lose their job. I do have debts. Right now, I am focused on clearing my debts as soon as possible. I want to live debt free.

Many people are stuck in a relationship or marriage that they don’t like. They are probably staying together for the sake of children. As the society say, “This is how life is. You just accept and tolerate. Everybody’s life is the same.” I have reached a mental state where I am completely happy being on my own. I do wish to have a partner that allows me to be myself and I could do my own thing with freedom. If this partner is my twin flame, then it’s a jackpot!

There are times I get sad when I get triggered. But in general, I am happy. Last time, I used to feel lonely. Now I don’t feel lonely. In fact, I enjoy my solitude so much. It feels good to be in my little space I have in my room. My heart is full of gratitude for what the universe has provided for me. I wake up when I want, I sleep when I want, I eat when I want, I go out when I want. It feels stress free. No alarm clock to wake me up. I only put alarm clock when I want to go for hiking.

The only thing I find myself struggling to manifest is happy and peaceful relationship where it could lead to marriage and letting me to settle down. My way of settle down probably will be different. I would probably still travel even I decided to get married with someone.

If I were to have a child, I would prefer to bring that child for an adventure. I do not want conventional school system that I grew up in. It didn’t help me to find out who I am or what is my talent. It only taught me how to be a slave in a rigid system. I want to be free. I do not want a partner who would control me. He should let me be free.

My version of free doesn’t mean I can do “whatever” I want. I always have certain rules on how I should live my life. Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs is a huge NO! I don’t sleep around. I am a monogamous person. My version of free is I want to be and do what I want at my preferred time. If I want to wake up late, I still want to wake up late. No such thing as you are now married, you should wake up early and prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. I will do when I want to do and at my convenience. I would probably manifest helpers to help me. I am not meant to live like a slave. I don’t work hard.

At the moment, I am constantly manifesting. I am trying to align and match my frequency to manifest a different reality. I feel suffocated at the current place where I’m staying with my parents. The whole area has become so saturated with too many cars and I find that it’s getting more and more difficult for me to get out of my housing area. I don’t like a crowded place.

I like a quiet and aesthetically pleasing environment. Preferably surrounded by nature. I want to wake up to the sound of nature. Probably a chirping bird, or sound of waves from the beach, or whistling sound of the leaves, or whooshing of the river. There is a strong desire to move. I don’t know where and how I will end up moving. I leave it to the universe to bring me my desired outcome. I am sharing this story to tell you it is possible to create the kind of life you desire. Consciously choose your thoughts and work on your subconscious mind to manifest a different reality. You are meant to live life free and experience abundance.

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