I see you in that dream

Why do I feel like crap?

Everytime I tried to go away from you

I feel suffocated as if I’m running out of breath

Everything seems to bother me

Everyone becomes my victim

I feel deep sadness and pain

I know it’s impossible to do this

But I still want to do it

I fail again and again and yet

I try once again hoping that

This time it would be different

It seems like I cant think of anything else

Other than you

You consume my mind

Like nobody else

What kind of suffering is this

We cant be together nor

Go our separate ways

The flame is burning

Seems like impossible to destroy this flame

The heart is in deep pain

Is it me who is suffering or

Im feeling you suffer

Oh angel please tell me Im not crazy

How do I solve this?

I feel like you are my destiny

But why is it not happening in reality

I see so many others but

It’s impossible to accept

Why do I feel like this?

I am being reminded of you everywhere

I cant give up even if I want to

Is this a blessing or curse?

I see a beautiful dream

I see you in that dream

I cannot run away from you

Even in my dream

Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam

15 April 2022

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