My honest feedback after being vegetarian for 12 years

When I became vegetarian, I had people mocked me and told me that I would become non-vegetarian. Most people thought that I became vegetarian for religion purpose. But that was not the reason I became vegetarian. I simply couldn’t see that an animal would die in agony for me. I could still survive with plant based diet. Then why kill them? I started off with pure vegetarian diet where I don’t consume egg, onion and garlic. So how do I feel now? 12 years is a long period of time. Sometimes people would tell me to just change my diet so that I would be able to marry easily. So that my future in-laws will have easier time preparing meals for me. But I remain steady in my decision. I am still a vegetarian and I still do not want animals to be killed.

I became vegetarian in June 2009. How did I remember this? Because it was just one month before I entered university. In 2013, I started to have signs of bloated issue. I would get headache and then I would vomit as my stomach wouldn’t process the food properly. A year after, the problem became so bad that someone pointed out to me that I should look into my bloated issue and recommended Herbalife. I took it and it solved my issue temporarily. If I take it, it would help. When I stopped, the problem continued. Over the years, the symptoms started to show up more and I started to get worried not knowing where is the issue. I was quite picky with food and most of the time I would eat the same food. Mostly carbs. It was difficult for me to eat outside as most vegetarian food would consist of onion and garlic. So I was left with fewer options. Most of the time I would eat fried rice. I couldn’t eat mixed rice with vegetables outside. Not to forget that I do not like onion. So I was happy not having to consume it.

In 2019, I went for proper medical check up and the doctor still couldn’t find the root cause of my frequent vomiting. At night, I couldn’t lie down straight on a bed to sleep as the gas would travel up to my throat. I felt uneasy most of the time after eating. I kinda hated eating. I did my own research and everything was leading back to garlic. That I should take garlic to release gas from my body. I came to a point that I made the decision that I would start to consume food with onion and garlic as my health is badly affected. I was picky with food and my choice of food was bad.

I also started to have brittle nails and starting to lose more hair that it worried me too much. I made a drastic change to my diet. I changed the products that I was using. I became more conscious of what I put on and into my body. Early this year, I started to consume egg. I need protein for my body. I cannot afford to lose my health over food. I have also started intermittent fasting to heal my body. I eat less frequent in a day and I have lost extra kilos that I gained over the years. Guess what happened to my body now? I no longer have chronic bloating issue. I can sleep with my back and no more issue with gas. Vomiting also stopped. Headache reduced tremendously. I am still working on my hair and nails. I am putting all kinds of oil on my head now and closely monitoring my nail’s improvement. I could see it’s getting better now. Slowly but surely it will improve.

I am still happy being vegetarian. I have lost any desire to eat meat when I started this journey in 2009. Not only that, I can’t stand the smell of raw meat. And I am not worried about my future in-laws or my future husband. If they can’t accept me for who I am, then the relationship will definitely will not work. I can’t compromise what I believe in for the sake of someone else. And I believe in freedom. One should have a choice. I don’t like to force my belief into someone else. So I definitely do not like being forced to believe something. If it’s something logical that would make me to think, then I would definitely look into it. At the end of the day, the final decision will come from me. Do you have similar experience like me? How did you cope with your issue? Share with me in the comment section below. 🙂



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