Dream to travel the world

Every time I see a beautiful destination shared by some random people on IG, I get excited. It feels so calm just by looking at the pictures or videos. How would I feel if I were to be able to reach there physically? I get even more excited by the mere thought of it. How if I could make it? How will I achieve it? Especially during pandemic with all kinds of rules placed. It seems impossible. But I am dreaming here to be able to do this.

I want to be able to travel the world without restriction. I want to see and experience nature in different countries and make memories. I do not want a life where I have to work my ass off to save little money and travel and then come back and live the same mundane, routine life. I do not want to be confined to a cage. I want to be free. I want to breathe fresh air. I want to feel safe when I go out there. I want to meet incredible people who have similar mindset like me. People who dream and want to achieve the impossible. People who have good heart and see humanity first.

I want to live in abundance where money is never the issue. Money just flows in without limit. I want to learn what school never teach me. I want to see the world with a different perspective. I want the money to work for me. Not I have to work for it. I want to be able to purchase anything that I want. I do not want to buy branded stuff only to show off. I want to buy something that is really making my heart to sing in happiness. I want to stay in beautiful places where one can only dream. I want to be able to watch sunrise just from the balcony of the place that I stay. I want to hear birds chirping in the morning to wake me up. Not alarm clock.

I want food to be available to wherever I go. I want to have vegetarian food available anywhere I go. I want to eat real , healthy food wherever I go. If I were to cook myself, whatever I need should be available. I want to have clean water to drink and for other purposes. I want to drink clean and fresh water from the mountain. I want to be able to adapt in a new place easily.

I want to work while I’m travelling. I probably want to teach. Or do photography. Or do any creative stuff that makes me happy. This job that I do will not take much of my time. As I want my money to work for me effortlessly and abundantly. It will be good if I can have a travel buddy. Someone with similar mindset. Someone who will keep me safe. Someone who enjoys a balanced life. Not someone who works all the time. Someone whom I enjoy the company. It can be more than one person. Well, why not? If I were to have a child, that child will travel with me too. A child who will learn that there is no limit in this world. It’s all mindset.

Just writing this makes me feel so good. I believe in law of attraction. Writing is a powerful way to manifest our wishes into reality. If one day, I managed to make this as a reality, then I can refer back to this as a reference point. How long did I take to make my wish a reality? Did I manifest it or not? If I can dream and see it in my mind, it will happen. This is my belief. Do you have similar dream? Or you have achieved it already? Share with me your thoughts. 🙂



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