Waking up to brutal lies

This year has been a huge wake up call for me. Every year I’m waking up to face new truth around me. What I thought is the truth previously is no longer the truth now. Weird, isn’t it? Suddenly I realized that a lot of things that I have learnt through school, society and religion are lies. What made me to realize this? What happened to make me wake up to these brutal lies? It has a lot to do with the pandemic.

Last year in March 2020, I was literally dying in fear. I was so scared that I might contract C**** and die. I was scared to sit next to people. I was scared to get the slightest flu. I washed my clothes in hot water thinking that it would kill the virus. Time passed by and then this year, I found myself still alive. I started to wonder why am I not infected yet? Is it my body immunity so strong that I don’t have any symptoms at all? I thought probably it was due to lack of exposure to outside. Most of the time I was at home. Then, I looked at my brother. He went outside almost everyday. He met a lot of people. Sometimes he would get flu and I used to feel fear that he might have got C****. Then after few days, he would be okay. Then I started to wonder. Why is he still not infected? I’m not saying that we should be infected. No. But they said the virus is deadly. There are so many variants. Why none of the variants are affecting us?

I started to come across IG profiles of people calling this pandemic as scam. I found out about the great reset, social credit system, chip implant and so many other conspiracy theories. I started to think and look at all the information given to me online. I believed official news 100% before and then from my own experience, I started to feel that the news were misleading. The pandemic is not really deadly as they claimed. They scared me to death to keep me locked inside my house. Then, they were saying that the v*****e would save us from the deadly pandemic. I was skeptical about it because it is a new v*****e. Nobody knows about the side effects. I thought to wait and see what happens to those who take it. How if the conspiracy theorists are right?! They were exposing about depopulation plan by the elites. They exposed how our food, water and air are contaminated. But how to know if they are telling the truth?

Those days, one will only get heart attack, stroke and diabetes when they are old. My grandmother died at the age of 85. But today, it is common for a 30 years old to die due to heart attack. What changed past 50 years? It is our food. We are now consuming more GMO food and suddenly everybody is falling sick. All the unhealthy food are advertised heavily and people are queuing to buy it. Just look at McD and Starbucks. People dump their money into these food and dying at a faster rate. But the funny thing is people don’t even know it. So when I see what these conspiracy theorists are telling, well there are some truths to it. I am able to connect the dots and can see what’s gonna happen in the near future. But people are thinking that these are conspiracies.

Initially they said we need to take it for our protection. Then they said we need to take two. Now booster dose is encouraged. The politicians keep manipulating and gaslighting the public. Nobody is responsible over the side effects of these v*****e. There is a lot of censorship going on. People are being deleted and banned from their social media accounts for speaking up. All these are confirming one thing to me. They are lying!

It’s hard to accept that all these years I spent my time studying and learning were preparing me to be a complete slave. They taught me a lot of wrong stuff. They didn’t teach me what is important for my survival. I don’t know anything about financial education, time management, investment, real estate, tax management, business management, law, planting food, relationship management and so many more. I studied to score in exam. I didn’t even know about systemic racism that exists here in Malaysia until I finished SPM. In school, they taught me about unity. But in reality, they don’t practice it. In fact, the very people in power create division among people. They changed history in school. I have no idea for what we had to memorize and spit the facts in exam after learning a fake history. People are brainwashed deeply using religion and race. They can’t even see that their own people are stepping on them.

I spent a lot of my time unlearning and relearning things this year. This pandemic has given me a lot of time to spend in solitude and rethink about the things that has been happening around me. I find that there are a lot of injustice happening and people are threatened just to earn their livelihood. Some came to me and tried to influence me to follow them. I cannot follow lies. I cannot follow manipulation. I cannot follow gaslighting. I was told again and again that there is nothing that I could do to change the current situation. I have to follow the rules. That I am nobody and nobody will listen to me. Every time people tell me this, I am more determined to prove otherwise. There is a voice within that tells me “I can do this.”

People try to limit me with what they can’t do. Each one of us have our own power. We are all creators of our own reality. If you think, you can’t do anything, you are right! If you think, you can do something, you are right too! Just like me, there are millions of people around the globe who believe they can do something about it. People who chose to stand on the path of truth. People who chose humanity first. People who are courageous and willing to lose their lives if needed. I have no idea from where the courage is coming. But I always had this habit of standing up for myself. I realized that when we are being truthful, we will have no fear.

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