Find the reason of your unhappiness

Why do we get unhappy? Why are we stressed all the time? Why aren’t we feel fulfilled in our life? How to stop being unhappy? I have learnt important lessons in the past years and I thought to pen it down. Who knows that somebody needs it right now?

My honest feedback after being vegetarian for 12 years

In 2013, I started to have signs of bloated issue. I would get headache and then I would vomit as my stomach wouldn’t process the food properly. A year after, the problem became so bad that someone pointed out to me that I should look into my bloated issue

Dream to travel the world

I want to be able to travel the world without restriction. I want to see and experience nature in different countries and make memories. I do not want a life where I have to work my ass off to save little money and travel and then come back and live the same mundane, routine life.

Guardian angel

Take a deep breath. Hold your palm together as if you are holding you. Relax. Your guardian angel is watching over you. Everything will be fine. Feel the light is surrounding you. Your guardian angel is protecting you right now. You feel safe and calm. You are protected. You will be saved. You will be…

Waking up to brutal lies

In school, they taught me about unity. But in reality, they don’t practice it. In fact, the very people in power create division among people.