I miss you

I miss you

Actually I miss you

The more I miss you

The more I’m getting angry

With myself

Eventhough I know that

I wouldn’t be able to stay angry with you

When will this torture end?

Sometimes I feel my own heartbeat

Thinking of you

I wished to erase you from memory

Years I have been trying

And I keep failing terribly

Why do I think about you

Why do I miss you

This separation kills me

And there is nothing I could do

Besides leaving it to destiny

Sometimes my tears drop

If only you could see

How much my heart beats for you

I’m afraid to show you

Because I know you

You will run to the hill

Scared of your own feelings

I know you feel it too

If only you are able to tell the truth

As to why you come back

Reminding me your existence

Sometimes I see you in others

How they perfectly resemble you

It feels like the universe wants to show me

It is always have been you

My heart burns for you

In a slow flame

I tried to destroy the fire

No matter what I do

It keeps burning

Will you put an end to this?

To this suffering and agony

I know you suffer too

I wonder how many years you will need

To understand that your heart burns for me

I wonder if you will ever tell me

How you truly feel

I could feel you eventhough

You are miles away

You can lie and hide

But you can’t hide the spark in your eyes

Eyes can never lie

Eventhough it’s been years

But it doesn’t seem like you have been away

You rent a space in my heart for free

You are always in my thoughts

From the morning I wake up

To the night I sleep

You are there in my thoughts

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed

I get angry

I want to throw you away

But it’s just impossible

I don’t know why

I feel the way I do

My happiness is you

My sadness is also you

I will miss you


Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam


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