Made a promise

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We are on this planet Earth

Having made a promise

That we will do our purpose

To make it heaven for everyone

Mother Earth gives us plenty

Nothing is lacking

Water, air and land

It will never end

Somehow some wants to own

Want it all for oneself

Destroying mother Earth

All for own benefits

Animals are tortured

Humans are trafficked

Kids are sold

Women forced to slave

All for little pleasure of men

As if it is never ending

You give one and

They want more

Sometimes mother Earth

Strikes back to give

What the men gave her

And they cries for help

She is tolerating and patient

Quietly listening to all

The men are going to grief

Fear the wrath of mother Earth

Have we forgotten

Our purpose on this Earth

Or are we made to forget

Are we sleeping in ignorance

It is time to wake up

From deep sleep of slumber

We are here only for a short time

To do our work and leave

We are here to experience

To learn life lessons

To fulfill our life purpose

Then to leave peacefully

Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam


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