If you see injustice and do nothing about it…

Many people have this attitude “It’s ok! Not a big deal! It’s just a small matter! Why making a big fuss about it? There is nothing we can do about it!”

When a lady came out in public and tells that she has been sexually harassed by a male, many chose to blame her. It is her dress, probably she would have given the chance to that male, why only now making report, why didn’t report earlier? “Me too” movement made a wave across the globe. A woman like this who come out courageously and stood reminds every male out there that it is NOT OK to sexually harass a woman!

When a minority are facing genocide or discrimination, most chose to keep quiet and ignore it. Nobody talks about it. Like for example, the Tamil people in Sri Lanka or the Uighurs. The black people despite fighting for their rights for years and had their first black president in history, we saw black lives matter hashtag to be trending around the world when George Floyd was brutally murdered by the police.

A muslim in western country are told to remove her hijab but a muslim in Islamic country are critisized for not wearing one. Both are form of oppression and their rights are being denied. In one country, they are labeled as terrorist and in another, they are controlled in the name of religion and culture.

Recently we saw some celebrities who violated SOPs set by the government easily escaped with minimal fine whereas a common man fined heftily for the same violation. The same goes to the self appointed ministers. They break the SOP and all of them escapes the fines just because they are in power.

In India, a woman was slashed to death by her husband just because she chose to go to work instead of staying at home and become a housewife. And the public just watched her die.

Do you have to be in that victim shoe and then only you will voice out? Do you have to be a family member to a victim and then only you voice out? Do you have to see your own race to suffer and then only you will voice out? Or do you choose to just ignore?

It is disheartening to see how people choose to keep a blind eye to every injustice that happens in front of them. I remember seeing an influencer posting a letter to their followers that they have a choice whether or not to respond to a social issue. They told their followers to create their own following and influence instead of asking them to respond to issues that is happening around them. Yes, everybody has a right to choose what they do and don’t. Probably the follower thought they could help to influence their followers for a good cause.

Well, you can ask me… So what are you doing about it? I don’t have the power or the money or the crowd needed to influence a change in this world. But I have these little hands of mine and with these words that I’m typing on this keyboard, if I can influence one person to change and create a better world, then I’m happy to do it. I can’t sleep peacefully seeing so much injustice going on in the world and it bothers me like hell. You might think that we cannot do anything to change it. Really? Are you sure about it? Have you heard about ripple effect? We just need to influence one person in the society and that person to influence another and a ripple effect will be created. Mahatma Gandhi did that. He brought independence to India. So do I think I can bring a huge change to this world? You never know how much power you have until you use it. Use your mind power for the good benefit of this world.

Reject all these people who are trying to control you using God, religion, race. See yourself as human first. We don’t own this Earth. We are merely resident for a short period of time. Once our time is up, we will leave. Who are we to decide who do what and how they are supposed to live their life? Let people to live peacefully.



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