How do you know if you have a Twin Flame 🔥

I didn’t realize I have a twin flame until recently, until I started to see angel numbers everywhere. I started to notice twin flame messages which later compelled me to find more information on twin flames. Then I discovered a youtube channel which wasn’t there all these years when I was looking for answer. This youtube channel only exists about a year ago. I wanted to badly know if someone was thinking about me. I couldn’t erase the memory and kept remembering this person. I felt it was weird because this person told me he doesn’t want marriage or relationship and told me he can’t love anybody. But I kept remembering him despite so much effort I put in to forget him. Then this youtube channel gave me the answer. I felt relieved that it wasn’t me who is crazily thinking about him but he was also thinking about me. How long do you think this has been happening? Guess…

Strong Magnetic Pull

I went through some of the videos in that channel that resonated with me and I started to recall my experience. Then I realize that the guy that I have been struggling to forget these past years is actually my twin flame. The first sign that confirmed this was strong magnetic pull which I experienced with him. I felt very strong magnetic pull that I have never experienced with anybody else. It’s weird I remember the first time I saw him, the first time I talked to him, the first time he sat next to me. The energy was too overwhelming that my heart was beating fast, sometimes I couldn’t even breathe. He definitely felt that too. I tried to recall any other guy that I met. Do I remember the first time I saw them? Do I remember everything? No. Even if I had crush on someone, after several months or 1-2 years, that feeling fades. I no longer feel the same towards them. I move on to the next crush. But this person, I couldn’t even get him out of my head. Trust me. I’m trying really hard. To the extent, I went for a subsconscious programme to understand what is blocking me and he was there blocking me from moving on. Like I’m trying really hard to remove him but I couldn’t. I didn’t know he is my twin flame.

Eye Connection

There is something in the eyes. When you look at someone’s eyes, you will know their intention. Your gut feeling will tell you whether to run away or stay near with this person. Even though the energy was overwhelming, I wanted to be near with him. In his eyes, I saw love. But he kept denying it. Till today, he kept denying it. But he always reach out to me. From time to time, just to say hi. Like he doesn’t want me to forget him. He wants me to remember him. That actually made me angry.

Heart Pull – Invisible Cord That Attach Twin Flames Together

It has been 5 years since I saw my twin flame. Yes, 5 years. But there is a strong pull in my heart. I remember him almost all the time. I wake up, I remember him. I’m eating, I remember him. I want to sleep, I remember him. It is so exhausting to remember someone who is running away from you. I could feel that he is remembering me too. We both are definitely thinking about each other. Twin flames will always drawn back to each other no matter how far they go.

Electrifying Touch

Even the slightest touch could feel like electric. Once we almost collided with each other. I was passing by behind him and he suddenly turned. I just froze for a second with my eyes closed saying “Amma pochi”. Pochi means gone, that’s it! Amma means mother. It took me awhile to process that and I remember we both were smiling and blushing for no reason. Well I tried hard to hide how I was feeling. When I went to ask him something afterwards, I saw him smiling with a delighted face. Till another boss had to come and break the conversation. It must be weird to see two people smiling for no reason looking at each other while at work. Another time I remember this touch was when I accidentally touch his hand when giving him something to eat.

Feeling Warm, Safe & Comfortable In Silence

I liked just sitting next to him quietly doing my work. We hardly talk. But loved the energy. We were so near sitting next to each other but so far that we couldn’t talk much physically.

Constantly Taking The Chaser & Runner Role

Twin flames will take the role of chaser and runner constantly. In the beginning, I was the chaser, he was the runner. The more I chase, the more he was running away. The moment I stopped and mind my own business, he came chasing back. In the initial stage, I thought he was just playing around with me and wasting time. So I decided to go away. We were still keeping in touch every now and then. But this is really exhausting. This is what twin flames will do. And the running away happens without proper explanation.

Separation Period Of Grief & Sadness

We decided that we are not meant to be together because we had totally different idea about marriage and relationship. This time I was going through heartbreak. I wrote about this, you can check it here (The Path to Find Love) The pain was so much that I was really grieving as if I lost someone. For two years, I was so sad. I remember my former colleague at that time tried to convince me to move on, forget this guy. Some even told me I looked sad. Some told me I’m obsessed. I started asking myself why am I obsessed with him. As if there is no other man in this world. There are plenty of men. Open your eyes and see. After that, I decided that it has been so long I’m sad. I need to forget him no matter what. So I decided to look at Malaysian Cupid to find potential suitor. This is where magic happens.

Finding Another Guy Who Looked Like Him

If you have a twin flame, everywhere you go, you will be reminded of your twin flame. Like you will see their name everywhere. Maybe you will smell their scents everywhere. For me, it was something else. I attracted a man who looked like him and went into relationship with him. Yes, crazy right? There were many who texted me in Malaysian Cupid but out of hundreds of text messages I received, only one man caught my attention. Who is this? He looked similar to my twin flame. I quickly replied the message and we went on a date. How on earth this person liked me? I dont know. He is in different religion, he is a Sikh. I never imagined in my life that I will ever have a Singh boyfriend. But that’s what happened. I thought that this boyfriend is the one. Not my twinflame. I got it all wrong. But the connection wasn’t there. I was in on and off relationship with him until one day I realized that this will not work. After that, I went into karmic relationship with another person whom I wanted to give chance despite all the red flags shown to me. It was me who went into that karmic relationship. Well we had to settle some karma I guess. I feel it is not done yet. I am yet to see what happens to this person who decided to cheat me right on my face despite my clear warning not to do so. Let’s see what happens to him.

During these period of me in relationship with someone else, I hardly think about my twin flame. But there were flashes, I was reminded of him somehow. There was once I was lying down to sleep after chatting with my ex, the moment I closed my eyes, my twin flame face appeared so close to my eyes. It was so real that got me shaken. I started to cry thinking why am I remembering him now. I felt bad because I was in relationship with someone else. I shouldn’t be remembering him. At that time, I didnt know that it was my twin flame who was remembering me. He must be thinking about me, probably feeling sad. Because I started crying for no reason. If you see twins who are born through the same womb, if one laugh, the other will laugh. If one cry, the other will cry. Both will influence each other. I think same goes with twin flame. This is what I understand after reading and learning about twin flames.

After my karmic relationship ended last year, it was about the same time I started to see angel number. I thought to myself, finally I don’t remember this person anymore. Like I no longer have any feelings, I’m finally free. I was convinced that I was over him. Then another magic happen. I saw a song in FB with a guy who resembles him. The way he presented himself, the way he was moving around, his gestures, everything was like my twin flame. That song touched my heart so deep that I realized that love gave me a beautiful feeling. It was men who gave me heartache. By lying and cheating. By being inconsistent. But love gave me a beautiful feeling. I was the happiest when I was near my twin flame. It felt good just knowing he was there near me. So after watching that song, I wrote a poem which you can read it here (Falling in love with LOVE). I kind of became obsessed with the guy in the song. He is a music director & composer. Who knows if my path might cross with this guy?! I didn’t want to limit myself, he might like me just like how Singh liked me. We never know. 😅

Again I asked myself could it be this guy. Why am I seeing another person with same face? I did some digging and found out he was there all these while. Why didnt I know about him? It was because prior to this song he made, he had a different look. He looked totally different. The universe knows what you want. It will show you exactly what you want. Since Universe cannot get my twin flame, it shows me a copy of my twin flame. But will it be the same? I don’t know. I don’t want to limit the possibilities. Let my angels show me the way. So when the youtube channel told me that you will be reminded of your twin flame, then it kind of clicked to me that the very person I’m trying to forget really hard is my twin flame. The signs are everywhere. How could you keep remembering a person if the energy isn’t mutual? And you are reminded of that person in another person?

Twin Flame Union

All twin flame eventually will come back to each other. Some twin flame unfortunately will only meet after they are already married. Some will have huge age gap. Probably this explains why some couple marry with someone with huge gap and are happy together. After the period of separation, one day they will realize they have this connection and the runner will stop running. They will be finally together but they will continue the role of chaser and runner even after union. Twin flames are their exact copy. They tend to trigger their underlying issues with each other and they are meant to help each other heal. The relationship will be different than the usual relationship. They will need a lot of space and alone time. They might go in separate ways after union and come back together again after some time. Both will feel happiness and sadness at the same time. If they go separate, they will feel grief. The way to work on this is by loving the self and being completely happy alone. A lot of self healing is needed. You have no choice other than healing. If you choose not to heal, you will continue to live a miserable life where you can’t be together with your twin flame nor completely forget them. The yearning and the pain will always be there. Twin flames apparently have a mission to do in life. They are supposed to do some great work for humanity. It is their calling.

So these are the signs that I got to understand that I do have a twin flame. Unfortunately, once you meet a twin flame, you will have a hard time liking and accepting somebody else. Even if you have accepted, the connection will never be the same. Probably you are just adjusting and accepting fate as it is. Twin flame relationship will not be easy. You can’t be together and at the same time you can’t be separated. There is constant pull and push with your twin flame which is really exhausting. But you will be the happiest if you are together. Your connection will be so strong that you can feel what is happening to them.

I remember once I was drawn to go to a place where my twin flame was. I was supposed to go somewhere else to do something but I drove myself without knowing why was I driving that far to do that. It was a familiar area but still I made a wrong turn and had to make a big round to come back to only see my twin flame coming out from a restaurant. I was shocked. The energy was so strong and overwhelming that I didn’t even want to step down and bump into him. Nah, I’m not ready for this. I wanted him so much and at the same time I was scared like hell. 😅

Other People Can See The Connection

Apparently twin flames energy will draw people’s attention. People can see the connection. Sometimes the people closest to Twin Flames can feel jealousy as they can see changes in them and they might not like it. I have seen that. Pure jealousy in someone’s eyes. At that time, I was trying to stay away and keep a distance. So that made my twin flame to chase me and obviously this person didn’t like it.

Once we went out for dinner after work. It was an usual restaurant that I used to go since it’s the nearest to work. Most of the time I go alone and sometimes with some of my other friends. One weird thing I noticed when I entered the restaurant with my twin flame, everyone in the restaurant were looking at us. I felt weird at that time. Why is everyone looking at us? I thought probably they got shocked that I’m coming with him. Maybe he always go there with some other girls and now they see me coming with him. I just brushed off the feeling until I see it is one of the sign of Twin Flame. Because of the energy of twin flames will be so strong that it will draw people to notice. Apparently even animals will be drawn to twin flames. I can’t really confirm this because we hardly go out in public. We were so busy running away and chasing each other that it is almost impossible to meet. Probably we both are scared to face this energy. It’s overwhelming. You feel something in the stomach, heart races, face blushes and all you want to do is run away and yet still yearning to be close. I have been in relationship and I didn’t experience all of these with my ex.

What To Do Now

Since I know he is my twin flame and he is probably still in denial, what am I going to do now? Well, nothing. I don’t want to reach out to him. I don’t want to make him stress because I know he will run away. I am constantly being reminded that “it’s already yours” or “what you want is coming to you” or “you will be in happy place that you have never experienced before”. Angel constantly reminding me that they are working behind the scene to make sure that I manifest everything that I desire. So I’m not worried much. I know everything will be fine. Do you have a twin flame? How did you know that you have a twin flame? Share your story in the comment. 😊

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