Netflix Series Review : Dark Desire

As the name suggests, this Netflix series is all about dark desires which is forbidden by the society. Some men desires married woman. Some desires hot guy. Some want huge fortune to the extend they are willing to destroy one’s career and kill another. This short series is suitable for adults only as it contains disturbing violent scenes, nudity and s*x. I tried to fast forward the series to see if it is really interesting. And I find it thrilling to watch as I was approaching the end of the story, I just couldn’t guess who killed one of the character in the series. There were a lot of twists and it kept me glued on the screen.

It all started with a harmless night out with a best friend. A married woman decided to sleep with a young man thinking it is just one night stand. She got a shock of her life when the same man appeared in her class as a student. This young man is smoking hot who fell in love with her. While she was trying to avoid this man, she received a call with devastating news that her best friend has committed suicide. She already suspected her husband was cheating behind her. Now the only best friend she had is gone.

She wanted to tell her husband about her mistake of sleeping with that young man, however she saw her husband in suspicious situation with his secretary. Determined that her husband is cheating on her, she went back to that young man and they ended up having another steamy s*x. Her brother in law who is a police officer came to know that she has slept with this young man in her best friend’s house and later she was found dead. He suspects that she was killed. Now the question is who killed her? Is it the young man? There were four fingerprints found in that house. Who is the other one guy? If the public found out that the wife of a honorable judge slept with a young man, what will the they say? A lecturer slept with her student? She didn’t know that he will be her student. The drama unfolds more cheating, friend backstabbing, own family backstabbing, dark secrets relating to money, death and many more. This story is about trying to cover up shame, excessive jealousy, obsessive love and where dark desires will lead you.

The hot guy who fell in love with the married woman tries harder to approach her while she is trying to patch up with her husband. When she refused, he started approaching her daughter to get to her. He also approached her husband who is a judge in order to get a job with him and stay close with her. It was scary to watch where this was going. I expected something but something else happened. I just couldn’t guess what’s going to happen. So I do recommend this movie to be watched if you are above 18 years old, if you are person with self control. If I were to rate, I would rate this series 4.5 out of 5.

Let’s talk about moral values in this series. What it has taught me:

  1. You face the consequences of your own action. If you decide to cheat, you will have to come out with more lies in order to cover up. And usually you can’t cover up long. One day the truth will come out. So the best way is always tell the truth. If by telling the truth, you are going to lose something, then face it. You ask for it, isn’t it?
  2. Excessive jealousy can kill you.
  3. If you are good looking or have hot bodies, you are going to face more problems. People will be jealous of you or want you secretly. It is difficult to keep a relationship. Just because you are hot and pretty, doesn’t mean your husband is going to be faithful to you.
  4. There is a difference between a wife and a affair. A man will cheat behind you and come back to you if you are a wife. And pretend nothing happens. But if you are just an affair, he might be just using you for sex, nothing else. You can’t expect much from a married man.
  5. We all have dark desires. Don’t act like a saint. God probably would close his eyes and ears not wanting to see what we are doing on Earth. The trick is how do you control yourself. Because you will face the consequences of your action. So think wisely before you do anything. 🙂

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