Do what feels right

I think the best way to make a decision is through your feeling. If you get the slightest “mmm” in your guts, be aware. It could be a signal that something not good might happen if you proceed. How many times in our life did we ignore our “inner voice” and later on we found that it was right all along? If it doesn’t make you feel good, don’t do it. Don’t do for the sake of other people. Because you want to make others feel good. Because you feel you must do it for the sake of relationship. Do it because it makes you feel good. Do it because it makes you feel happy.

When I look back in my life, there were moments when my “inner voice” was screaming and pushing for me to make a decision. To get out of an unhappy situation and to go away from people who were making me unhappy. But I chose to stay because I thought God will not be happy or maybe I’m doing a sin. Sometimes a situation has to become so bad that I had no choice but forced to make a decision to save myself. I have noticed that whenever I am feeling uncertain about something or someone, it has always been an indication to be careful.

There were people that I vibed really well in the beginning and then suddenly I started to feel uncomfortable and I felt that I should keep a distance to save “myself”. I followed how I felt at that moment. I somehow able to read the hidden intention of a person. Sometimes they are so good at hiding behind their mask but I will have a thought like a flash of thought. In a fleeting moment. I think that was my inner voice or higher self warning me of potential danger. Sometimes I worry a lot for no absolute reason. I don’t know why I worry. But after some time, I realize that my feelings was telling me something. Our body could pick up vibration. If we don’t feel safe and at peace, it is best to avoid such people.

I am now more focused on how people and situations make me feel. There are certain people in my life that makes me feel safe. There are certain people that I want to run away from. I think my vibes radar is going high nowadays. The higher self knows better. As long as you be true to yourself and do what feels right, you will be fine. You will be guided towards the right path. You can ask the universe or the angel or God to give you some signs. And you should look out for the sign and learn to read the sign. Your higher self will guide you.


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