How Fulfilling is My Daily Life?

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I am excited to share that I have recently manifested one of my dream which I have written in this blog in 2017. For those of you who are new to my blog, welcome to my world! For those who are still sticking around, I say thank you to each one of you. I am so grateful that you are here with me today. Probably you might not have read this blog post, so I’m going to share the link here (Dream to Work from Home).

Recently I have finally decided to quit my full time job. The decision came suddenly. It was my favorite job. I loved it so much that I have been talking to my friends and family about how much I loved what I was doing. Then of course, the pandemic hit. It has not been a good time for many of us. I have been experiencing salary cut for about 10 months but I did not complain much as I can see how Covid has affected the tourism industry. I could still survive since I didn’t have to pay the bank loan or pay lesser as the salary has been affected. But 10 months is a long time. I told myself I’m not going to sit around and wait for me to kicked out or retrenched due to the economy crisis. I have started to prepare myself to cover back my lost salary and to ensure I have something to fall back on in case I received bad news. And as if the Universe needs me to get out of it, I found myself in a situation that made me unhappy and I just instinctly knew that it is time for me to move. It is a loud voice telling me “Pushpa, you gotta jump out!” And hence I did.

The weird thing is I kept seeing recurring numbers everywhere. In fact, the day I resigned, I saw 222 on my car screen when I started the engine. I just knew that I’m doing the right thing. In fact, I felt relieved knowing that I have resigned. Not a bit worried where my next income going to come. I only had about 6 students whom I was teaching at that time. The income I was getting wasn’t enough to cover my expenses. But I wasn’t worried at all. I have done this before and I survived. I guess I’m just crazy enough to do something out of the world and not regretting my decision. Because I find myself getting something that was meant for me in that process. I have written other posts on these recurring numbers, you can read it here : (Diving into the unknown….the magic of recurring numbers & Is the universe really speaking to you? The magic of repeated numbers… )

Approval sign from the universe. 222 indicates that you are on the right path at the right time. You are headed to the right direction! *goosebumps moment*

As if the universe magically moving people and circumstances around, I experienced something unexpected. I was posting about my classes in social media but I wasn’t getting the responses that I wanted as it wasn’t paid. Facebook hides or limits the reach to the audience if you don’t pay. I remembered one of my cousin who said to me “you have to pay for marketing if you want to reach out!” Without marketing, things will be very difficult. So I decided to promote it via my FB page. While talking to my best friend, I casually said to her about what I was doing, then she’s like “Pushpa, why you never tell me? I do this, I can do this for you!” I was like why do you mean. She proceeded to help me with the advertisement which I had no idea how to do it myself. And the result was amazing! In just two weeks, my number of students went from 6 to 21 students and now I earn more than what my former employer was paying. ISN’T THAT AMAZING?! I am forever indebted to her for coming in like a guardian angel to help me to go where I am supposed to go. I told her that she has to help more people with her skills. As a result, Sparky Duoo & Swipe Left Technology were created to reach out to people. Sparky Duoo is more for entertainment whereas Swipe Left Technology is more for small business and entrepreneurs to switch from physical business to online business. You can search in FB page and contact her to help you as well. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Right now, my life has turned upside down. I am no longer working for people. I am no longer required to listen to someone else ordering me to do things. Ordering and requesting for help are two different things. I never liked anyone order me! I still retain the flexibility part in my work. I love flexibility! I love doing what I love to do. I love to teach so I’m doing it. I am also excited to build the business with my best friend and can’t wait to see its growth! It is a feeling of knowing, a feeling of confidence that the universe will make it work for you! Because I kept seeing the signs everywhere. It’s just crazy!

Being at home most of the time now, I see myself getting up at my own time. Posting with regular intervals about my classes, business, etc on whatsapp status, FB and Instagram. I’m getting more ideas on what to do next as I now have more time to focus and build something big. In fact, I have more time to write on my blog. Today I just follow my instinct to write this. During the day, I can go out at any time to do anything I want. At night and weekend, I teach English classes that I conduct from the comfort of my house. I don’t have to meet people too much at the moment even though sometimes I wish I could meet my family members and close friends. And I want to go on hiking soon and reconnect with nature.

If I were to rate my life from a scale of 1 – 10 right now, I would rate 8. Because I’m still unable to travel, otherwise I would rate it full 10 out of 10! I hope to be able to travel very soon and attract the right person / audience / clients for our business. Anything is possible with your mind. You just need to focus on the vision. So now I would like to ask you “how fulfilling is your life? Are you happy with what you are doing? If you are not happy, can you do something about it? What is your next step in life?” Do think about it and let me know your thoughts. 🙂 I am happy to hear from you. (please don’t spam)

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