Falling in love with LOVE

Isn’t love supposed to make you feel good

Isn’t love supposed to make you feel loved

Isn’t love supposed to make you feel seen

Isn’t love supposed to make you feel happy

If the love you have is making you feeling otherwise

Is it really love in the first place

Do we have to work hard for love?

Isn’t it supposed to feel effortless and easy

Sometimes you need to watch a movie

Sometimes you need to listen to a song

Sometimes you need to open your heart

To realize you had love from the beginning

How could it be for you to have feeling

Even after years passed

How could it be you still tear

When you thought it had vanished

Everything is so fresh in the mind

As if it just happened yesterday

Every gesture, every look, every smile

Even the first glance

How could you love so deep

When all you did was stealing glances

Purposely acting uninterested

Silently enjoying all the tease

It’s so weird that you are stuck with one man

As though there is no other

Indeed there is no other

Because the other is a compromise

Love is what making us alive

Whether you have the love with you

Or it is far from you

But it feels close to you

Love doesn’t need you to touch

Love is not lust

Love is you know what the other feels

When you look at each other

Love is feeling happy knowing

Your love is sitting next to you

Love is catching the glances

And blushes when the eyes meet

The beauty of love is that

You don’t have to own them

You let them free

You just want what’s best for them

Love is playing memories repeatedly

Of every single thing that happened

Over and over again and yet

You never get tired

You don’t get this feeling with everyone

There is only one pull

And you know this is the one

From the way they look at you

You know it’s love when

All you have is beautiful memories

You can’t control your heartbeat

And you smile like an idiot

Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam


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