3 years with WordPress

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This is my 4th year of writing this blog with WordPress. I still haven’t found a niche that I want to focus on. I started blogging since I found out writing is one of my passion. Writing is a form of healing for me. Probably a place for me to channel my thoughts. I find that I am not consistent in my writing. There are days that I had thoughts flowing flawlessly. There are days that I simply didn’t want to write anything. I do find that I tend to write more when I’m sad. Few days ago, I was talking to my best friend. We were talking about building personal brand. Since I still don’t have a niche, so I preferred to stick to my name for branding. I am not Oprah yet for people to recognize my name. But I hope one day I will be.

Who is my audience for this blog?

Probably people who know me. Who wants to know my story. Maybe stalkers who hate me. Or secret admirers if there is any. (haha) Probably for that one person who will find me through my writing. Even if I can have just 1 loyal reader for my blog, I think I’m happy enough. The world is running on who gets the most views, who gets the most followers or subscribers, who gets the most love reaction. But I don’t want to follow what everybody else is doing. Because I am not them. I am me. It is very stressful and frustrating to see that you put so much effort into doing something and nobody notices. Because the algorithms control it. It decide who will see your post and who will not. I hope my posts do reach you. *wink*

What do I write about?

I write about relationship even though I’m not qualified for it. In a conversation with my sister who is already married, she said you don’t know what you are talking about. I am married and I know what people are going through. At that instance, I realized I’m not qualified to talk about relationship because I don’t have a successful relationship. It is a failed relationship. Simply didn’t last long. Probably I know what will make a relationship to fail. I also write about law of attraction, about energy because these things fascinates me. Only area I find it hard to manifest is relationship. Because I am happy being alone and unhappy being alone. I want someone yet refuse to go through the difficulties that comes with it. Because I think I am ready but not ready at the same time. It’s a world full of confusion. I have also attempted to write some poems before. I noticed an increase of followers when I was writing poems. Nowadays not really writing poems. Don’t know why.

How often do I write?

I wished to write everyday and it remains as a wish. I write when I feel strong urge to write. It could be once a week, two times a week or once a month.

Is there any services that I offer to my clients?

Yes! I am currently doing video editing, translation (English – Malay / vice versa), article writing, and online tutoring (I teach English for kids). You can reach out to me @ pusphajeyapergasam@gmail.com.

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