Diving into the unknown….the magic of recurring numbers

Photo by Maria Eduarda Tavares on Pexels.com

What it means to keep seeing recurring numbers? After my last post, I did come across more synchronizing numbers like 2222, 333, 111, 444, and 4545. Am I seeing these numbers because I am looking forward to see these numbers? Because I am expecting to see them. Every time I see these numbers, I can’t help myself to google the meaning and there are tons of website explaining the possibility of the meaning of these numbers. The main thing I understood from these websites are I have to keep being positive and I’m on the right track to manifest things into my life. Whatever I’m thinking about will manifest easily now. I have to avoid any negative thoughts.

These numbers suggest that I’m ready to start a new journey. There are possibilities of attracting more wealth into my life or love or career change. I do notice that I have more ideas in my head. I feel I must take action to make it into reality. I think it is called the “inspired action”. Since I had these calling, so I did take some action. I believe there will be some changes in my life in the near future. It will be for better. I do know the universe will always deliver what we are constantly thinking about. But does angel really exist? Let’s find out. Well, it will be good if there is. 🙂

Have you come across such numbers? What did you experience after seeing such numbers? Share in the comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts. And of course do subscribe to my blog so that I am more inspired to write more. 🙂

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