Is the universe really speaking to you? The magic of repeated numbers…

Recently I found an influencer in Instagram that I have been following for quite some time posting about seeing recurring numbers repeatedly. The numbers that she always seem to see are 111, 444. I have come across other people talking about these numbers but I never really paid any attention because I thought it is not relevant to me. Or probably I thought only certain people will see those numbers. It is said that the angels are trying to tell them something. Well I don’t have any angel. I don’t think angels want to speak to me. But her posting got me curious. Did I ever seen any such numbers? The only number I recall seeing was 333 but I can’t remember did I really see it or is it my memory trying to trick me to convince that yes, I did see that number. But why is it I dont see number 111. The time 11.11 should be common because we see this everyday. But somehow I didn’t see this number.

I thought to myself probably I didn’t see this number because I use 24-hour system in my phone. Which means there is only one time in a day that I would see 11.11 which is in the morning. I won’t see it at night because my time would show as 2311. So I decided to do a little experiment on my own. I changed my time to a 12-hour system so that I have more chance to actually seeing this number. The first few attempts I kinda failed. When I realized it is 1.03pm, my brain was activated. I realized I should be aware so that I could see this number. Like finally. I was doing something for just a few minutes and then suddenly I noticed the time was 11.13pm. I was disappointed. I thought I can see this number easily. I did try few times before I could finally see this number on my phone.

I also realized I started to pay more attention to numbers around me. Like when I’m scrolling instagram, is there any recurring numbers? Like when I’m driving, is there any car plate that I noticed with recurring numbers? And I feel I am more aware of the time and what I am looking at. After I started this experiment, I came across 11.11, 12.12 & 10.10. Probably I am seeing this numbers because I am looking forward to see them. Or is it the angels are really trying to tell me something. That I should be acting on my intuition to do something. When I first saw this number 11.11 (actually I saw this number yesterday), I was thinking about writing about something related to energy, atomic energy and how some of us are in a safer place compared to another place. But I was pretty lazy to write since it was quite late yesterday and I thought I will start writing today. But of course now I feel like writing about this experience which I find a little fascinating. Well I believe in law of attraction and some magic. You attract what you are thinking. I want to record this down in case this journey is bringing me somewhere exciting. I hope it will be exciting as I am picturing in my mind.

Well let’s continue when I saw number 12.12. I was scrolling LinkedIn aimlessly where I saw a job posting which has a vacancy that I’m looking for. It was not in the place that I’m looking but I was excited when I saw it. Because it had other criteria that I’m looking for. I quickly sent an email to the relevant employer. Well ever since MCO has started, I have sent countless resume to many employers but no luck until now. It’s like my resume vanished among hundreds of other applicants. But I thought if I were to receive some feedback from this particular employer, then it is definitely a sign from the universe. That I am making the move at the right time. I am still amazed how I got my current job. I didn’t even know my job existed when I listed out the criteria I’m looking for in a job. But when I received, it just blew my mind. Anyway, once again I saw another number 10.10 just a while ago when I just randomly grabbed my phone to check what time is it. I am thrilled because I saw three synchronizing numbers in just two days. And I hope to see more. I am excited to see what kind of opportunity awaits for me. 🙂

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