The Power Of Giving (With No Expectation of course)

(This post has been laying in my draft for so long and I decided to post it today. I am no longer working in the office I mentioned in this post)

Recently one of my colleague came to office asking for donation for another staff who lost his dear ones. He was hesitant to ask me, not sure why. So I donated without thinking much. A day after this incident, I was handling a wedding at my workplace. Settling all small hiccups during the wedding, making sure everything is clean and in order. At the end of the day, I received a small token of appreciation. I received money in return. I was surprised. Because this was the first time I ever received tips for my work. I have received some goodies before. I quickly thought could it be due to the donation I made?

I did not have any expectation when servicing this guest. In my mind, all I wanted for them to have good experience for their once in a lifetime experience. The money came as a surprise and I believe it was due to the donation I made. It was tenfold of a donation money. Never think you are running out of money when giving away because you will receive the return of your deed in unexpected way. ❤

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