Who makes rules?

I thought I don’t follow crowd

I’m very much influenced

By the terms of the society

Who makes all these rules

How if I don’t want to follow rules

I want to make my own rules

Assuming this is the way to live

How if half way I have lost the way

Forgotten how to live

Everything around me is an illusion

Everybody seems perfect

Some learn to hide their pain

Pain and happiness is the way

Nothing is permanent

Life is as much as you can feel happy

In the process of finding happiness

Don’t abuse the self and others

You will be answerable for it

Life has millions of possibilities

You decide how to live

And face the results of it

Follow your intuition

You are not crazy for thinking

Sometimes you can’t explain things

Nobody knows what is happiness

It is short lived

Tomorrow is never guaranteed

Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam


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