Grab free online courses available now during lockdown

Thanks to one of the Instagram influencer that I was following recently, I got to know that there are free online courses available on the internet for everybody since the whole world are currently in lockdown or in strict movement control. You can just type “free online courses” on google search to find these free courses. I found interesting classes offered by Harvard University on Hinduism. It is totally free.

I find Coursera has a lot of interesting classes. One of the classes that I am currently following is “Learning How to Learn”. There is a timeline to finish this course with due date for assignments or quiz. I learn by watching videos and interviews given in the website. There are tons of other free courses too. Perfect way to spend time during this lockdown.

If you wish to get the certificate upon completing the course, there are some fee that you have to pay. This certificate you can attach on your LinkedIn profile for professional credential. So what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity and google now to check! Share this information to everyone in your circle. Happy Learning!

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