Ugly ones are lucky

I recently watched a Hindi movie “Chhapaak” featuring Deepika Padukone and Vikrant Massey. The story is about an acid attack survivor fighting to get justice against her attacker in court and how the whole family was affected due to this. This story also has love story. When it comes to Bollywood, it is almost impossible a love story not shown in the storyline. The story depicts how love blossoms between the survivor and the guy who fights against this crime.

It makes me to think how many of us will have a man to love us if we were ugly and looked horrible. Most men comes after us because we have fair and flawless skin, attractive body, sweet voice, looking pretty after wearing all those make up. Some of us are naturally pretty without make up. Some have to rely on make up to make us look pretty. For those who were naturally dark skin have to use all kind of products to bleach the skin so that they too can look attractive.

I am yet to find one man who can look at me beyond how I look physically. I was born fair but naturally turn dark as I grow. I used to question my mum how my skin color changed when in the baby picture, I was looking fair. Growing up, my siblings were fairer to me. They used to tease me for being dark. Sometimes when relatives visit home, they questioned what happened to me as I was looking even darker due to playing sports at school. I used to feel inferior and compare myself to everyone who is looking fairer and prettier. Not forgetting some of my friends who mocked me they couldn’t see me in dark.

Thanks to fair and lovely, a product that I never forget to use in hope that one day my skin will be fair and I will be accepted by my peers. I never really liked disturbed by males, so I made no effort to actually look pretty when I was younger. Even the slightest effort to tie my hair differently will be noticed by my mum and I will immediately stop changing anything if I were questioned. But one thing I really liked, was the attire. I loved dressing up, wear something nice and look confident.

I thought I don’t like attention until I was working and started to do some drastic changes in my diet. In 2014, I was working in a local bank. Initially when I joined, I paid little attention on how I looked. Then I joined a health and fitness club near my workplace, I changed my diet and followed a new routine. I was encouraged to trim my eyebrows and change some of my outfits. Within a week I took this diet, my skin started to look healthy, fairer and radiant. A male colleague who always flirt with other female colleagues, suddenly started to notice me. I was always there. But this time he noticed because I started to look more attractive to him.

Even managers started to notice me and soon you can say I was famous in that office. Why all these happens? Purely because of physical reason. The same thing happen when I changed job and met someone with whom I fell in love with and the interest was mutual. He was definitely into me because of how I looked. If I were ugly, he wouldn’t even have noticed me because I’m talking about a good looking man who knows how to flatter a women. Even when I got into a relationship with someone who seems like one kind of psycho, this guy also into me because of how I looked.

I didn’t like arrange marriage because number one criteria the family will be looking for will be how the girl look like. Is she tall or short, thin or fat, dark or fair, etc? I didn’t have a single marriage proposal that they want to know me as a person first and know my character. It is all physical.

I feel jealous of a woman whose physical is destroyed by some sort of accident or attack but they found a man who really loved them beyond of their physical look. These women are really lucky. Yes, they might be receiving all kind of weird look from people around them but they have true love. They have someone to love them unconditionally.

This is a reality in this world. If you are pretty, you will be noticed easily. If you are not, then you need something in order for people to notice you. Courage, knowledge and self confidence are some of the traits needed for people to notice you. But beware of physical attraction. Because once the attraction fades and the body loses its beauty, what is left is only the inner self. If the relationship is purely on physical, the relationship may not last long. The challenge is to find someone who is really into you, into your soul. Will I ever be able to find someone who is into my soul? Only time can reveal.

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  1. Katherine says:

    I love your article and the ideas you’ve put in it. It is really powerful and beautifully written.


    1. Tq Katherine for your lovely comment 😍


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