The number one EXCUSE we ever give to ourselves which is causing us a good fortune

We have always given all sort of excuses as to why we can’t or unable to do certain things. Clean that cupboard – I am busy. Do some exercise – I am busy. Read that book – I am busy. Work on your side business – I am busy. We have been so busy doing everything and anything and always give the excuse I am busy, hence I don’t have the time.

Right now, we have been forced to sit at home. There is plenty of time available and guess what! I am still not doing the thing I wanted to do all these while. I wanted to finish reading story books on my bookshelf, I wanted to finish reading a management book, I wanted to work on my little garden and grow vegetables, I wanted to finish writing my short story which is still pending there for months or shall I say years. But I’m not doing anything. I’m still wasting my time on either Facebook, Whatsapp, and Youtube. I can no longer give the excuse that I’m just tired after work or I’m just busy with other important thing because I don’t have any other important thing to do now.

After more than a week stuck at home, I have started to analyze my own reasoning. Am I really interested to do the thing I wanted to do? Why am I not doing it? I have come to a conclusion. It is basically pure LAZINESS! I am just lazy and lack of motivation to actually start doing it. Another main reason for this will be I WILL DO IT LATER ATTITUDE! I just love to postpone things. And then I will completely forget to do it. This is one of the reason why I started to create daily to do list for my work. I have shared a template for it before, if you haven’t check it out, please click here.

So time is not really an excuse. Time has always been there. It is the self to be blamed. And how do I help myself to come out of this excuses? How do I get myself to do more and reach the goals I have set for myself? I do not have a personal coach to push myself. Plus I don’t like anybody pushing me to do things. I would rather do things at my own pace. How am I going to achieve my goals if I don’t push myself? Is my goals not exciting enough to reach? I am looking at other people and see how successful they are. Thousands of followers, some of them even win some awards for bringing positive changes in people lives, they show their skills of doing certain things like make up, being a model, creating videos and showing their acting skills and many more. And what am I good at? I think I’m pretty good with writing (with hope to write better than now) but yet I’m still not writing enough.

Three years back, I created this blog with the aim of following my own passion. I have written something about finding your passion (If you haven’t read it yet, you can read it here). I was hoping to slowly to start earning income through blogging and eventually do this blog full time. But I realized it is not an easy thing to do because I find that writing is a form of healing for me and I want to write something that makes me happy. But in order to monetize a blog, we are encouraged to focus on specific niche so you will attract readers who are interested and they keep coming back for more to read in your blog. But I have different ideas and want to write about so many things that is happening in my life. I want to share something that might be helpful for another person who is also going through problems like me. I want to encourage people to be who they are. Probably due to my inability to stick to specific niche and also due to inconsistent writing, I still haven’t figure it how to start earning through this blog. Some of the terms in blogging world still seems alien to me like SEO, I still haven’t figure it out. But I have learnt how to organize my blog, how to insert links, how to find for free images in wordpress, etc. Every time I write, I am learning. I am working on my passion. Still a long way to go. Probably after 5 years, my blog will be famous. I am yet to write one viral post that will draw readers to my blog. Another possible reason will be I’m not paying to promote my blog. For some weird reason, I still prefer for people to discover my blog on their own and come back to read my blog on their own. Did you roll your eyes? *wink*

Now since I already know that “busy”, “I don’t have the time” and “I will do it later” is just a lie I give to myself to avoid doing the things that matter to me. I have to find a way to actually start doing things instead of just thinking about it in my head. How about you? What are your excuses? Is there something that you always wanted to do but never have the time to do it? Probably this is the best time to actually start doing it. 🙂

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