Exotic animals are not only being eaten in China…but other part of the world too!

We are all still in fear of the deadly coronavirus which is currently affecting millions in Wuhan, China and many parts of the world with increasing number of people getting diagnosed with this deadly virus. While I was trying to understand what actually caused the spread of this virus, I came across a video where a guy (sorry guys, he is a chinese) is eating live rat (actually a baby rat). It was still moving when he ate it. He dipped into something, I don’t know what was that, probably some sort of sauce.

Seriously I don’t know what these people are thinking. I don’t know if they are human or animal. Eating an animal LIVE! I couldn’t grasp it. Then I discovered more videos with proof at other part of the world where more animals are being cruelly abused. Apparently live trade and exotic animal eating not only happening in China. It is happening in many parts of the world.

From shark fins in Japan, seal hunt in canada, pangolin for their scales, and many more. If China were to deserve the effect of their karma, so does other country! How about our country? Here we don’t kill to just eat but we kill for the sake of religion. Dogs are being killed because Muslims not allowed to touch them. I’m not saying all. But some. The same goes to the people in China. Not all of them are eating the wild animals, only some but now everyone is suffering.

Looking at so many animals are suffering as a result of greedy and heartless humans, no wonder there are more and more catatrosphic tragedies happening around the world. From fires in Amazon, Australia, earthquakes, new diseases, etc are all coming together to teach us a lesson.

Let’s wake up and do our part to help nature and animals. Please stop pinpointing at other countries, races and religion. Let’s look at ourselves on how we can make this world a better place to live. We can’t make a huge changes by changing ourselves alone. But we can help to influence others and spread awareness on how our actions are greatly affecting the world at large.