Gratitude Chain / Week 2

Everything that is happening around me preparing me for something greater. I am ready to face any challenges that comes. I solve problems easily. Things become better. I surround myself with people who brings out my best. Life is great. Thank you. I’m grateful for this amazing life. I attract great things to my life.

I am the best. I attract abundance into my life. My life is great. Everyday new exciting things happen around me. I am grateful for all the beautiful dress that I own. Thank you for providing me everything that I ever need. I attract the best person into my life. I am surrounded with great people and great achievers. Thank you.

Thank you for the food and water I had today. I am blessed.

I am grateful to have the time to spend with my loved one today. Thank you.

I am grateful to have fresh air to breathe. Thank you nature.

I am grateful to have perfect partner who understand my needs and takes great care of me. I am also able to understand my partner’s need. We have great relationship. Thank you universe.

I have ample of time to read and expand my knowledge. Thank you for the time to do activity that I love doing. I am blessed.

Note : Sometimes we forget that we have what others wish to have. We are constantly thinking about what we don’t have and attract things that we don’t want to have. This gratitude chain has been created so that I am being reminded about the blessings I do have in my life. At the same time, I wish to remind you to be grateful too so that you can attract all the best things in life. Join me in this chain. Do comment what are you being grateful and share to your friends.

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