Exotic animals are not only being eaten in China…but other part of the world too!

We are all still in fear of the deadly coronavirus which is currently affecting millions in Wuhan, China and many parts of the world with increasing number of people getting diagnosed with this deadly virus. While I was trying to understand what actually caused the spread of this virus, I came across a video where a guy (sorry guys, he is a chinese) is eating live rat (actually a baby rat). It was still moving when he ate it. He dipped into something, I don’t know what was that, probably some sort of sauce.

Seriously I don’t know what these people are thinking. I don’t know if they are human or animal. Eating an animal LIVE! I couldn’t grasp it. Then I discovered more videos with proof at other part of the world where more animals are being cruelly abused. Apparently live trade and exotic animal eating not only happening in China. It is happening in many parts of the world.

From shark fins in Japan, seal hunt in canada, pangolin for their scales, and many more. If China were to deserve the effect of their karma, so does other country! How about our country? Here we don’t kill to just eat but we kill for the sake of religion. Dogs are being killed because Muslims not allowed to touch them. I’m not saying all. But some. The same goes to the people in China. Not all of them are eating the wild animals, only some but now everyone is suffering.

Looking at so many animals are suffering as a result of greedy and heartless humans, no wonder there are more and more catatrosphic tragedies happening around the world. From fires in Amazon, Australia, earthquakes, new diseases, etc are all coming together to teach us a lesson.

Let’s wake up and do our part to help nature and animals. Please stop pinpointing at other countries, races and religion. Let’s look at ourselves on how we can make this world a better place to live. We can’t make a huge changes by changing ourselves alone. But we can help to influence others and spread awareness on how our actions are greatly affecting the world at large.

Gratitude Chain / Week 2

Everything that is happening around me preparing me for something greater. I am ready to face any challenges that comes. I solve problems easily. Things become better. I surround myself with people who brings out my best. Life is great. Thank you. I’m grateful for this amazing life. I attract great things to my life.

I am the best. I attract abundance into my life. My life is great. Everyday new exciting things happen around me. I am grateful for all the beautiful dress that I own. Thank you for providing me everything that I ever need. I attract the best person into my life. I am surrounded with great people and great achievers. Thank you.

Thank you for the food and water I had today. I am blessed.

I am grateful to have the time to spend with my loved one today. Thank you.

I am grateful to have fresh air to breathe. Thank you nature.

I am grateful to have perfect partner who understand my needs and takes great care of me. I am also able to understand my partner’s need. We have great relationship. Thank you universe.

I have ample of time to read and expand my knowledge. Thank you for the time to do activity that I love doing. I am blessed.

Note : Sometimes we forget that we have what others wish to have. We are constantly thinking about what we don’t have and attract things that we don’t want to have. This gratitude chain has been created so that I am being reminded about the blessings I do have in my life. At the same time, I wish to remind you to be grateful too so that you can attract all the best things in life. Join me in this chain. Do comment what are you being grateful and share to your friends.

Gratitude Chain / Week 1

I am grateful for this amazing life. I am breathing. I have a place to stay and meals to eat. I am blessed to do a job that I love the most. Everything comes easy to me. Thank you Universe!

I am grateful for this peaceful life. Life is amazing. With caring family and amazing friends. Every person that I meet brings so much joy to me. I learn so much from different people everyday.

I am grateful for the harmonious relationship that exist around me. People who are in my circle are people who are positive themselves & they inspire change. I learn from these people everyday. Thank you universe for surrounding me with amazing & talented people.

I’m grateful for every opportunity I get to network & meet new people every day. I am learning with great leaders & tapping into their mind on how they get things done or achieve things. People loves me wherever I go. I love getting compliments & attention.

I am blessed to have off days where I can spend time with myself. Time to spend with family. Time to work on my writing and blog. Thank you, thank you and thank you. I am blessed. I am happy. I am content. I am love. May more good things come my way.

I attract all great things in life. Money, love, health all coming for me. I am blessed. I am healthy. I am loved. Thank you, thank you and thank you. I am blessed.

I always attract and able to confirm any businesses that come my way. The universe is set to help me out all the time. Thank you. I am always lucky and attract the best things in life. Thank you.

Note : Sometimes we forget that we have what others wish to have. We are constantly thinking about what we don’t have and attract things that we don’t want to have. This gratitude chain has been created so that I am being reminded about the blessings I do have in my life. At the same time, I wish to remind you to be grateful too so that you can attract all the best things in life. Join me in this chain. Do comment what are you being grateful and share to your friends.

The Power of First Impression

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”! How do we define beauty? By seeing their color, height, shape, etc right? Some will see beauty based on their character. Most people will definitely vote based on appearance first, then only character. Do you agree with me?

I realized something today. As I was waiting for my number to be called at a local bank near my hometown, a lady approached me. She is one of the staff working at the bank. “Madam, are you waiting for your number? You should go upstairs later as the counter will be there. You can wait here since there is no available seats upstairs.” “Yes, I am aware. Thank you!” I replied to her and watched her walking away. Errr… did she call me Madam? Hmmm I like it. Probably because of my attire. I was wondering why there is always some sort of difference in the way people treat me. I suddenly realized there are times people don’t even bother about me and there are times people give me so much respect. What made them to see and treat me in certain way, I thought.

It all comes down to how you dress up. You dress up smartly and elegantly, people show respect to you. If I were to wear a jeans with a shirt, and a slipper, definitely I would have been called “Dik” (sister) or “Miss” or maybe nobody would have bothered about me and let me wait there like an idiot (worst case).

Whether we like it or not, somehow we all have been wired in this way. The only person will be respected in jeans and t-shirt will be famous people whose face is recognized. Like Bill Gates or Shah Rukh Khan. For the rest of us, the only way to get a little respect probably by the way we dressed up. Don’t you think so?

There is this famous post (which all of you must have seen in insta or FB) which shows it is better to have extra money in cheap handbag rather than wearing a Gucci handbag with no money inside. I think people take pride by showing to people what they have and can afford. I think there is nothing wrong in this. As long as they are not too proud and arrogant that they forget that their feet is still on land.

My point of writing this post is that you can always impress people by improving the way you dress up. One way is definitely by having heavy “pockets”. If not, improve on your looks and dress. Here are few tips on how you can improve your first impressions:

1. Buy high quality products

Do you ever realized that cheap products don’t last long? Instead of buying several times in a year, why not spending more once but use the products for few year. People definitely can notice the difference in a RM20 clothes compared to RM120 worth of clothes. Trust me it will last long and it will be definitely worth your money.

2. The color of your clothes must suit your skin tone

Do you ever realized that we appear more cheerful in certain colors and dull in certain colors? Ask for feedback from your friends and colleagues on what color suits you best. If you ever get compliments on certain attire, take note on the details like color, type of material, etc. If you are fair skin, most dark colors will suit you. If you are dark skin, use more soft and bright colors. Like for me, colors like certain shades of blue and dark green doesn’t suit me at all. I have tried to use it but I didn’t really like how it makes me feel. I avoid these colors totally.

3. Use dark clothes to appear slimmer

I think everybody knows this. Dark color like black will definitely makes you look slimmer.

4. Your shoes is very important

Who said people won’t look at your shoes? Invest in one good pair of shoes. I always admire men with good shoes. I know some women in my circles who pay more attention to their husband’s shoes because it is very important for good impression. For ladies, especially if they have a good pair of heels, will just make me keep looking at their heels. I remember catching my ex-boss (who is a lady) watching me standing in heels and I think she must be admiring it because of the color and how confident I was wearing it. So for ladies, if you are using heels or “open toes” shoes, it would be better if you do a good pedicure with suitable colors. I have gotten compliments on this. *wink* Actually this will make you feel good and more confident.

5. Find your own style

Some men will look good in jeans and plain shirt. Some will look good in office attire. Some ladies look good in traditional attire whereas some look good in modern dress. Find one suitable style for you. Do you ever realize that the same dress will look too good on one person but awful on another? This is because everybody has different body curve and one should wear clothes based on their body curve. If you are not sure, ask your closest friend whom you can trust will give you honest feedback. Please don’t ask that one person who will compliment everything you wear because they are just afraid of telling the truth.

6. Wear a good, stylish watch

If possible, try to invest in a good watch if you are person who loves to wear a watch. Especially if you do meet a lot of people and wants to influence people positively towards you. I haven’t invest in one but it is definitely in wish list. *wink*

So here are few main things that I think will impress people. Because I have done it myself, I have seen other people doing it and I am sure this will work. Try this experiment and see how people treat you. I can understand some people might argue that this shouldn’t be the way, people should be respected no matter who they are. Unfortunately, let’s face reality. Appearance does play a huge role no matter what type of job you are doing. Even if you are doing own business, you will boost your own credibility by changing how you dress up. Your appearance is very important! Plan your wardrobe starting today and start to impress people. 🙂

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