5 Things That Your Girlfriend Wants From You

Women can be a confusing creature. One time they want one thing and another time, they want something else. But after reading this, you will know for sure that this is not going wrong again. Are you ready to find out the truth? Quickly read this.


Number one thing a woman craves from you will be your attention. She would expect you to remember her even when you are busy working. A simple text message to remind her how much you love her or miss her would mean the world to her. Remember to send at least two to three message in a day to show her that you really care for her and thinking about her. No message means she is not that important to you and you have other important things to do including texting someone else. You could have texted her in the morning when you wake up. Or quick text during lunch. Let’s assume you have been really busy during the day. Then text her at least a goodnight message. It takes less than a minute to show that you care.

2.Outing routine

Every woman would love to go out and spend time with their loved ones. It could be a dinner for just the two of you. Or a lunch after watching a movie. Or simply walking along the beach holding hands and eating ice cream. You know your work schedule better than anyone. For sure you know your girlfriend’s work schedule too. At least have an outing once a week. If you are on a tight budget, then just go for window shopping. The most important thing is you are spending time with her.

3.Thoughtful gifts

Who said you should only buy a gift when it is your girlfriend’s birthday. You can buy something that you know she would have mentioned in the conversation. Maybe she mentioned that she likes chocolate. Or flowers. Or sneakers. It doesn’t have to be costly to show your love. When you buy someone a gift, that gift will remind them of you as long as they keep them.

4.Be there when she needs you

Things can go wrong. The tyre can be punctured. She could have missed the last bus and stranded somewhere. She might be going through some loss right now. Maybe her boss scolded her and she is feeling down and needed someone to tell her that everything will be ok. All she needs is a hug to calm her down. Sometimes she might be putting up a face that she is all ok. But still hug her and reassure her that everything will be ok.

5.Be better than her

If you are doing less than her in terms of studies, work or in life, try to work harder and do better than her. She wants to see that you are really working hard to provide everything that she needs. Don’t be a man who seek support from your girlfriend. She has to pay your bills. She has to pay for your food. She is the one who has to help you all the time. If you are someone who is less fortunate than others (have some sort of disability), then it is okay. But you are not, then buckle up!

Try this methods to keep your girlfriend happy and see for yourself how she responds to you. Do comment below if these methods work for you. Good Luck! 🙂

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