Choose yourself first

Whenever there is issue

Be it a relationship issue

Family issue

Workplace issue

Own emotional issue

Always choose yourself first

If you are not happy

If you are not contented

Find the reason

Why you feel in that way

No point serving others

When your own need is neglected

You can only give

When you are full

If you keep giving

Without filling yourself first

One day you will ended up

Depleted, exhausted & tired

Every relationship will only flourish

When you serve in this way

When you are full and happy

Otherwise you will grow resentment

Anger and hatred

Over a long period of time

For not getting what you want

But only giving to others

You think you are saving a relationship

But actually you are losing your sanity

It might be a little selfish

But both side of a relationship

Will benefit if both decided

To choose the self first

And making sure the core need

Is being fulfilled

And then serve others

Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam

7 Dec 2019