New year is coming…what have I learnt & what am I going to do to improve myself?

We have just a few more days before we hit another year. Within a blink of an eye, one year has passed. When we look back, what can we see?

For me :

1. I can see some improvement in the way I close a sales deal.

2. A break up taught me to be more patient.

3. Everyone has weaknesses. Accept them. Embrace them.

4. Only change myself. Not others.

5. I can be loyal and honest. Whether another person choose to be loyal and honest or not is completely out of my control. Let them be who they suppose to be.

6. Wound will heal. Heartbreak will heal. One day I realized the pain is no longer there.

7. Help people genuinely. I feel happy when I help people. And help comes when I need them out of somewhere like magic.

8. Jealousy not good. Kill them immediately. Be genuinely happy for other people’s success. My time will come. My fortune is different than others.

9. Life is much more peaceful when I stopped comparing. Not married, it’s ok. Stuck at one place forever, it’s ok. Not rich yet, it’s ok.

10. Follow people who inspire me. I learn from their way of thinking. I get new ideas.

11. Who I surround with will determine how far I will go in life. Leaders talk about ideas and improvement. The rest talk about other people and their weaknesses.

12. A friend might look like helping me but actually they are not. Maybe they have good intention but things can end up bad for me. Sometimes I can only learn after doing a mistake.

13. Until I have proof, I cannot accuse anyone. I’m not God to know the actual truth. I might be committing a grave mistake.

14. Trust people until they prove to me that they can’t be trusted.

15. Bad times will pass. Good times will pass too. Be prepared and face whatever comes.

16. Nobody can live alone in this world. I need a partner to share good and bad things in life. Especially when I’m sick.

17. People do mistakes. Give them chance.

18. Once a friend is married, their new friend is their family and children. Find a new friend.

19. Best time spent is with family and cousins. Talking old story. Even if it is the same old story.

20. Smiling is contagious. It makes me feel good. It makes the other person to feel good too.

For the coming new year, I have already started to work on some new project and planning on how to actually accomplish them.

1. Started to prepare template for my work and also personal stuff to manage myself better.

2. I am reminding myself almost everyday to keep calm and handle things better. If needed, just laugh it out.

3. Writing goals everyday.

4. More meditation and writing journals.

5. Actually working on a business idea. Something that I know I will do very well.

6. Pray more. Spend time in temple, spiritual places and nature more.

7. Start a charity work. Do for free.

8. Learn more on passive income.

9. Exercise. I really need to! 😐

10. Complete some of my wishlist.

How about you? What have you learned? How do you think you can improve your life? Share your thoughts on comment below. 😊

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