When people tell me I should be positive…

Do people tell you this? Well, sometimes people around me tell me this. And I get irritated when I hear that. The reason for this is sometimes I don’t even know why I’m getting irritated or angry or sad. I tend to mumble to release the stress I am facing or simply lash out on someone closest to me. I try to think what could be the reason for this. Overwhelming work which has to be done in short span of time. Not getting response on time. Repetition. Laziness. Phone addiction. Not knowing if I’m making the right decision or bad decision. Fear of the unknown. Lack of trust. And the list can go on.

I do believe in positive thinking. I do try to think positive. Sometimes I share positive stuff so that it can also help other people. But is it possible to be positive all the time? It is not possible. There are times I just feel like screaming at someone and release all the emotions building in my heart. Like now, I decided to write it out in order to divert my mind from thinking too much.

I think it is okay to cry if you are not feeling okay. It is okay if you share your feelings to someone closest to you whom you trust. Whether you are a man or woman, we all need to share our burdens to someone. It is okay to show to people that you are not happy. It is okay to have some alone time. It is okay to feeling down. It is okay to feel heavy.

Being negative all the time is a definitely NO-NO! All the time crying, depressed, talking negative about everything and everyone. If this is the case, then you definitely need to counsel professional to get help. There are news where people who looked happy and seems to have everything in life ended up committing suicide for whatever reason they have. Depression is real. It is affecting more people than it is shown statistically.

Find a way to help yourself. For myself, writing is healing. Gardening is healing. Listening to music is healing. Going to nature is healing. Avoiding social media and mobile phone is healing. Meditation is healing. Exercising is healing. Heart to heart conversation with a closest friend is healing. Wrong way to help yourself is by getting addicted to drugs, smoking, sleeping around with multiple partners, gambling and any other activity that could cause you a fortune.

Being negative is just a reminder that it is time to work myself internally and go within. To find the root cause what is it making me unhappy.

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