Signs Of Interest

Sometimes we keep searching

For some clue

Whether or not

Someone likes us


Google becomes our best friend

Trying to understand human behaviour

Does he like me?

Why did he do that?


We get excited

When most of it shows

That our crush likes us

Otherwise our glance wouldn’t meet?


A man can show all the signs

That how great he is

That how gentle he is

But he might be putting up a show


A man can do all the right thing

Say all the right thing

Only until he gets what he wants

Only until he gets some benefits


Try refuse a little

Suddenly he is found nowhere

That is a sign

How much of a fool you have been


A man can bring you to his parents

A man can spend thousands on you

A man can find time despite busy schedule

But this doesn’t guarantee anything


Don’t be deceived

Be clever and think

But sometimes our own experience

Is the best teacher of all


Sometimes we can’t avoid

Being fooled

We have to learn the hard way

A sign of interest may be a trick


Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam


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