Better Me

Pain is definite

No one can escape

If today I’m happy

Tomorrow I might not

Different people come

Give different experience

Some make me happy

Others make me suffer

Sometimes innocence

Becomes my greatest

Reason for downfall

But is it really downfall?

Selfishness everywhere

Some don’t care

How their action

Affects other people

Some look for

Every opportunity

To take advantage

For their own benefit

Life presents to me

Two different choice

Drown in sadness

Or rise despite fall

I have to pass

Different exam

If I fail

Retake the exam

If yesterday

I was good

Today I want to

Be a better version

Someone who is

Smart, classy and elegant

Good hearted

And successful

I want to come back

Stronger than ever

Smarter than ever

Good hearted than ever

No bad experience

Can make me

Into a bitter version

Am I born to be bitter?


I am born to be better

I am born to be happy

I am born to be smiling


Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam


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