It is easy to blame

Everyone and everything

Sometimes even God

For things we couldn’t get


We couldn’t get that ice cream

We blamed our parents

We couldn’t achieve good marks

We blamed our teachers


We couldn’t get that promotion

We blamed our boss

Our friend get promoted first

We talked bad behind them


We missed that plane

We blamed the traffic

We arrived late to the interview

We blamed the train


The weather getting hotter

We blamed the sun

No water supply for days

We blamed the rain


We cannot get our dream education

We blamed the government

We cannot get a loan

We blamed the bank


We keep blaming

For one thing or another

We blamed everyone and everything

Except our own self


Are we not responsible for our own life

Are we not supposed to work to improve our life

We blamed others and circumstances for years

But did anything change to improve our life


Swallow the hard pill

We are responsible for our life

Don’t depend on external circumstances

To give what we want


Take ownership of our life

Good or bad, we have to stand for ourselves

If things gone wrong, find a way to fix it

Don’t just sit in a corner and keep blaming


Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam


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