There is a genius in us

Sometimes we are not aware

We never try to bring it out

Because we keep comparing with others

Some can sing very well

Some can dance very well

Some can act very well

Some can speak very well

Just because one is weak in studies

Doesn’t mean they are not genius

Maybe they are good in artwork

Maybe they are good in storytelling

We become disheartened

Why can’t I do like her?

Why is he doing better than me?

Why am I the worst of all?

We forget we are comparing

An eagle with a chicken

A fish with a monkey

A scientist with a sculptor

An eagle fly high in the sky

A monkey climbs the tree

A fish swims in the ocean

A sculptor creates beautiful statue

Each one has own strength

Each one can do something naturally

Each one has own weaknesses

Each one can excel in doing what they are supposed to do

Everyone has different skills

If we keep working on our skills

On what we are born to do

We will become a genius

Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam


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