5 Types of Men That I Dislike

I have opened a new Facebook account after few months. Initially I wanted to close it because I was going crazy due to addiction and I wanted to stop wasting my time glued on my phone screen. I had a lot of free time and started to do other activities that I feel are more beneficial. But now the situation is different. I want to keep my mind occupied on something and don’t want it to wander to the past and become needy again.

I wanted to keep my Facebook account public as I wanted to share my writing there and also to let people know the existence of my blog. Within minutes of opening my account, a flood of friend requests started appearing in my notification. Without thinking much, I just accepted most of them. And you know something? Most of them are guys and they started sending private messages to me.

“Hi, how are you?”

“Thank you for accepting my request. I’m XXX. What are you doing?”

“XXX is waving at you.”

“XXX sent a photo.”

“You missed a video chat from XXX.”

*Rolling eyes*

I am definitely not interested to reply any of them because they are just too many and I do not know them. They could be using fake accounts, scammers looking for money or just another guy looking for sex. Maybe genuine guy looking for friendship or love. I don’t know. I started to think about all the different types of guys I have met in my life and decided to write the type that I don’t like. Here are 5 types of guys that I dislike:

1. Married but looking for mistress

Those days men might cheat by saying that they are still single and unmarried. But current reality is that they openly admit that they are married and still flirt with you. They show you the pictures of their family, their wife and kids. But tell you they are lonely and ask you out. Even when you try to keep the conversations friendly and within limit but somehow they try to spice things up. I remember asking one of such guy who approached me in this manner. “What will you do if your wife does the same thing like you do? She flirts and sleeps with other man. Will you accept her?” I’m not surprised to receive his reply “That’s how world is. Women will be women and men will be men!” “Owhh, is it?”

And why would I accept such a man? I don’t get anything from such a man. He will not have time for me. He has to meet me without anybody’s knowledge. I cannot publicly announce yes, this is my guy. I might ended up carrying his child and will have all kinds of problems later on because my child will not have his name on the birth certificate. And why would I destroy another woman’s life? If I’m married, I definitely will not want any women to steal my husband, then why would I do that to another woman? It is definitely not me. I totally dislike a man who is not loyal to his wife and family.

2. A man who boasts that he has so much of money

If a man really has money, I don’t think he wants to boast about it because he wants to keep it for himself. If he keeps telling you that he has this much in his account, he earns this much, he has spent so much for this and that, that will be a huge RED flag for me. Maybe he wants to impress me with his money. Maybe he just wants to bring me to the bedroom. Maybe he is a playboy. Why do you need to tell me that you have so much money? Why do you need to tell me that you have a house here? That you went there for a vacation? Then they tell you that they are only telling you. Nobody knows that they have all these. If you tell this to a gold digger, she/he would start to see stars in the eyes. For me, I dislike a guy who boasts.

3. A man who swears

I really dislike a man who uses foul language to speak. The ‘F’ word, ‘B’ word, etc. It is not something nice that one can listen to, right?

4. A man who is needy and desperate

Sometimes I come across man who likes me but I’m not too much into them. Then they try too hard to impress me. Too much message, too much talking and too much courting. They are moving too fast that I’m unable to cope up with them. To the extent, I have to run away from them and avoid them totally. Sorry guys, I’m just not into you. Love and relationship doesn’t work out if it is just one sided.

5. A man who looks for sexual pleasure only

All men are looking for sex. Whether they are gay or straight, they are looking for sex. Except those who decided to live a celibacy life like monk. Why sex is important? Because humans need to reproduce. This is science. Without sex, one cannot continue his lineage. But what is happening in today’s world? Sex without marriage, unwanted pregnancy, living together, etc is the modern culture. Current generation do not want to carry the responsibility of having a household by doing things in a proper way. So men and women are in a hunt to look for a prey(s). How can I get sexual pleasure without having to invest much?

Just need some money to bring the girl to a fancy restaurant, and look for a private place. If you want to pay, look for hotel/motel nearby or maybe far. You want for free? Just bring to the house or just finish it in the car. Maybe you have to do this just enough time to get her to sleep with you, isn’t it? That’s it. Easy way out. No need to meet the parents, no need to spend for marriage, no need to announce legally that you are taken, no need to carry the responsibility of bringing up a child in case she got pregnant. Done with this one. Ok next! Hunt for the next prey. These type of men (or women) do not care what damage they are causing the person they are leaving. They don’t care if someone were to do the same thing to their siblings or their own kids in the future. They think nothing will happen to their loved one. All they think is that 5 minutes of pleasure. This type of men is the worst type of all. A sex predator.

I came across all these type of men in my life and all I can do for them is just pray. I can’t change them. I can only take precaution to safeguard myself and the people closest to me. I really don’t know with what intention people come to me. But after a while, their true intention is revealed through their actions and words. Let’s pray that we will all be protected from all kinds of evil around us. 🙂

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