The Pantry

This is a short story. I wrote this long time ago but never posted. I wanted to write chapter by chapter. I have never written a story. Do read and let me know your thoughts. I will continue to write this story from time to time. 🙂

Day One

Sharp at 9am, Ivanka already being seated near the registration counter waiting to be called. Feeling quite excited and nervous at the same time, the feet seems to be tirelessly tapping on the floor. Wearing light make up with a bright red lipstick, matching with a red blouse and a skirt with side cut. Ivanka has dark smooth wavy hair, curly eyelashes, cute dimples on both cheeks, has an average height, amazing curve. Number of heads turned to look at her, wondering with the unfamiliar face. She tried to smile awkwardly.


‘Please come inside. Mr Jay is waiting for you!’ ordered a lady in black attire.

A gloomy feeling overshadowed Ivanka for a moment. ‘Why so serious? Someone died today?’ She taught to herself.

Entering the room, Mr Jay is sitting talking with someone on the phone.

‘Ok, just get it done today. Submit the report to me by 5pm. Ok…..Ok…Sure, talk to you later, bye.’

Ivanka gazed to look around the room. The room is looking neat and organized.

Smiling, Mr Jay extended his hand for a handshake.

‘Good morning, Ivanka.’

‘Good morning, Sir.’

Mr Jay is a good looking man in his late 30’s. Black curly hair, 6″5′, with tummy he always try to hide. Married with two kids.

‘Today, Giselle will help you to show you around the office. She will delegate the task to you,’ said Mr Jay pointing to the lady in black. ‘I’m screwed!’ Ivanka cleared her throat and smile fakely to Giselle.

‘You can pass your photocopied documents to Giselle. Today will be a relaxed day for you since it is day one. Just chill and learn as much as you can. Any problem you can always refer to me. Okay?’ Ivanka nodded with her sweet smile.

‘Welcome to Gogorda Incorporation!’


The office is busy with everyone talking on the phone, trying to close the deal and get an appointment. At some corner, phones are ringing.

‘I can’t believe she just hang on me! Rude customer!’ Jacky blurted angry while putting down the phone.

Kesha smiling to herself while looking secretly at Jacky cursing the customer.

‘As usual Jacky. Just move on to the next. Not everybody is nice.’

*to be continued*

Written by : Puspha Jeyapergasam

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